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Detailed analysis of three film trailers and an explanation to which one is most effective and why

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Detailed analysis of three film trailers and an explanation to which one is most effective and why In this essay I will be comparing the various effects which the film-makers used in the making of the trailer and decide which is the most effective. The different films that I will be analysing are "Donnie Darko", "Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring", and "the Whale Rider". Each of these films are of a varying genre to the other so I will not be able to analyse them as a whole but rather as separate factors of the trailer which makes it effective. I will be commenting on lighting and colour, sound, use of different camera angles, movement and editing of the actual trailer. The most effective trailer will be the one which uses the camera techniques to establish a certain mood which is relevant to the genre or scene; it will be the trailer which influences the audience the most by playing on their emotions and feeling via the different methods to inspire the viewer to want to watch the film. Donnie Darko, directed by Richard Kelly and released in 2002, is about a troubled teenager who is plagued by visions of a large bunny rabbit who manipulates him to do a series of crimes following a bizarre accident, and is a sci-fi, mystery, and thriller. The Lord of the Rings, directed by Peter Jackson and released in 2001 also, is about a young hobbit named Frodo ...read more.


way, to reinforce the genre and to create a climatic atmosphere and build tension in both trailers; I think that both trailers have used the sound to compliment the image and that both of them have implemented sound effectively. The camera angles in Donnie Darko are extremely efficient, the close ups and extreme close ups are used to show emotion on the faces of the characters that wouldn't usually register; also they are used to convey reactions and highlight the more important characters. The Low angles were used to create the impression of importance for the audience, and generated a sense of powerlessness for the viewer, enticing a deep fear regarding the character who dominates the screen, ? in this case Donnie Darko. At the start there is a slight rolling of the camera as Donnie exits a vehicle to enter the school, this reflects the turning of events that will lead to his madness and highlights the abnormality inside him. Similarly, in The Whale Rider, there are many close ups of the main character to establish her importance, this is crucial as it underlines her significance in the movie and the magnitude of the part she plays. There are some over the shoulder shots which add more emphasis of her regretful attitude and the fact that she wishes that things could be different. The high angles in some of the scenes makes the characters in it seem insignificant and smaller, it allows us to receive a general overview of that particular scene. ...read more.


At the start there is more fading used which implements a storytelling feel and implies that these scenes occurred in the past, in contrast towards the end of the trailer there is a mix of different techniques of editing used in the between the scenes, shorter jumps add elements of action and adventure and by doing this the trailer contains elements of all the genres that it promises to contain. In retrospect, I conclude that, in my opinion the most effective trailer is The Whale Rider. At first I thought that The Lord of the Rings had the best trailer but then I realised that this was only because of the fact that they had the most special effects and because it was so apparent that they had thought about the mise-en-scene, the costumes were also very well thought out and the whole theme and the genre was conveyed by the lighting and the sound but in my opinion it was a bit too flamboyant and pretentious. Donnie Darko was well executed and had just the right amount of drama but I felt that the effect of the lighting and camera movement etc was just a bit too obvious and that it lacked a hidden meaning for the viewer to be intrigued by and explore. However, the techniques used in The Whale Rider were less ostentatious and the subtler they were, the more effective; such as the amazing choice of lighting with illuminated the fact that the film was based on a mystery and a legend. This reinforced the genre well, ?? ?? ?? ?? Amber Rizvi 10Js ...read more.

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