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Detective Story It was late Sunday afternoon, I was trying to catch up on some serious drinking but those damn birds outside my window wouldn't shut up, my thoughts about purchasing a gun to sort the problem were interrupted by a quiet knock at my door. "Enter" I called out, The door crept open and a tall blonde walked in she was dressed in a short black dress and had obviously been crying as her face was pale and her eyes red. "Mr Jones?" she asked hopefully "Yes" I replied as I put down my glass smiling, she must have been the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. ...read more.


"Smoke?" I asked offering the pack "Oh, no thank you" she replied I shrugged and started to puff away admiring the view in font of me. She seemed nervous as she looked at me from beneath her draped hat, "I have a problem" she said looking down and opening up her bag, she lifted out a small photograph and put it front of me. I swung my legs down from the desk and pulled my chair closer I picked up the photo and found myself looking at the image of a ginger cat, I ran my hands through my hair and sighed. ...read more.


"Wait" I said holding my hand up making her stop in her tracks "tell me about your brother." We sat and talked for at least an hour, she explained how she and her brother were very close and lived together. She told me how he had been getting strange phone calls recently and he wouldn't explain them to her, he had then gone to work later that night and not returned. She then explained how she had gone to his work not thinking much as he might have just stayed the night, but his boss had told her he hadn't been in at all. I could tell that she was relying on me to find her brother and I knew that I wouldn't disappoint her. ...read more.

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