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Detective story discussion

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" The Gatewood Caper" " The Gatewood Caper" by Dashiell Hammett is not just an exciting detective story; its characters are real and fascinating people who are just as believable now as when they were first created. " The Gatewood Caper" is a detective story written by the writer Dashiell Hammett. It was written and set during the 1920s in San Francisco, Los Angeles, in an aristocratic setting. Harvey Gatewood is a rich businessman who finds out, his daughter Audrey has been kidnapped. He calls and hires a detective, the detective tells Mr Gatewood to pay the ransom. However Audrey doesn't return after the money has been paid and the detective grows suspicious that something is not quite right. He then goes in search of Audrey and finds her in an apartment with a man. ...read more.


I would have expected a villain, a heroine, and someone to get their just desserts in any other detective story but I found the ending a bit of a let down when I found out Audrey had kidnapped herself to punish her father. Although I did feel sorry for Audrey as her father was a bully as Hammett writes " He was a big bruiser of a man, something over 200 pounds of hard red flesh and a czar from the top of his bullet to the toes of his shoes." From this description we can understand why Audrey has a problem with her father, especially when he lost his temper what could she do with a man with that physique. ...read more.


They usually pay someone else to do it for them. As the detective begins to realise that Audrey might have kidnapped herself, his behaviour changes towards Harvey Gatewood. He feels empowered by finding out that Gatewood' as a father had been incompetent which was seen as a weakness by the detective. He felt empowered by this knowledge instead of feeling inferior to Gatewood and the fact that he was richer. He felt much more competent and grew more assertive towards him. I found this realistic as people with money can make the working class seem inferior. " The Gatewood Caper" was more than just a detective story due to Dasheill Hammett's literary skills. He made the people real by making them interesting in unbelievable situations. He kept me in suspense and eager to read on and wait for the mystery to unfold to its conclusion. By Leighona Mills ...read more.

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