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Detective Story

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DETECTIVE STORY ~ I needed a new case fast. Sitting in my dump of an office was not going to earn me money. It had been a while since I was in action, and my office looked like a huge tornado had walked through it. The wallpaper was beginning to peel off and turn yellow. My desk looked like it had seen better days and my floor didn't even exist due to the sea of papers. I was beginning to get a headache thinking about the state of the place. One glass of whisky should solve that problem. As I sunk into my leather chair, I turned and looked out of the window. That was the only positive aspect about being in this office. The view was magnificent, especially in the evening when the city lights were on. With darkness covering the city, all its flaws were hidden and for a few hours every night, London looked attractive. I was beginning to relax when a knock on the door ruined the peace. I muttered a curse and yelled "Come in." The door slowly creaked open and my annoyance increased. For goodness sake, the door wasn't that hard to open and the area around it was actually paper free. But my complaints stopped short when I saw who stepped in. ...read more.


When she opened them, tears were brimming at the edges. I was taken aback. My first impression of this woman was nothing like what it was before. She then reached into her handbag and pulled out a brown envelope. "I hope you don't think strangely of me detective, but I took a picture of every "gift" he left me." I gave her a reassuring smile. "You've helped me immensely here Carla, by taking the pictures. I assure you that I will out who it is." I escorted Carla as far as the door then returned to my desk. I took a deep breath and poured out the contents of the envelope onto my desk. There were about thirteen Polaroid's and another smaller envelope. I picked up the first one and nearly fell out of my chair. I was disgusted. The picture showed someone's waste arranged to form the message "Darling Love" with several splatters of blood around it. This was something no lady should encounter. I was also curious as to what the smaller envelope contained, and proceeded to open it. What slid out of it made me whistle. A cheque of five thousand pounds stared at me. Carla must have been extremely desperate, but what puzzled me was why she didn't go and report it earlier. ...read more.


I started massaging my temples. This case was turning out to be more complicated than I thought. Tom had finally managed to persuade me to come out for a drink. "Come on! You being cooped up in here all day is degrading your looks," he joked. I ignored him and focused on my whisky, drinking it slowly and feeling the warmth spread through my body. I didn't want to drink too much. A clear mind was needed because I had misjudged how much work was needed for this case. I finished the drink and turned to Tom. "I'm heading back to the office. I need time to think about this case. I'll catch up with you later." Tom began to protest but I had reached the door, and the cold wind outside drowned out his voice. I quickened my walking pace, as the wind was beginning to get violent. Really, London weather was so unpredictable. One minute you have sunshine, the next a thunderstorm. From a distance, I noticed that something was not right. I clearly remembered switching off the porch light when I left with Tom. I slowed down my walking and made my steps silent. With Carla coming to me earlier about someone following her, I wasn't taking any chances. As I got closer, I felt a chill running through my spine. There on the landing in front of me, was blood everywhere and to me it looked like animal guts. I felt my blood run cold at the message: "You're Next." ...read more.

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