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Development of Willie Mossop

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How does the character of Willie Mossop develop through the course of the play? Willie Mossop is a shoe maker of a boot shop which is owned by Hobson. Hobson doesn't think much of Willie and he doesn't mind because he says, "I am not ambitious that I know of". Willie's character develops throughout the play from being a very poor unconfident man, to a rich and very confident man who is still humble and genuinely nice. As we enter the opening scene of the play we read that Hobson is nowhere to be seen indicating that he doesn't have anything to do with the running of his shop. His business is only successful because of Maggie who sells the boots very efficiently. We see evidence of that when she forces Albert to buy a pair of shoes when he comes to see Alice. When Hobson does finally enter the shop he gets very angry because he thinks that his daughters don't have the right attitude towards him saying they are 'uppish' and don't act like proper women. This attitude of Hobson's changes immediately when Mrs. Hepworth enters his shop because she is a rich person and spends a lot on shoes. ...read more.


We see that Willie doesn't have much say in his marriage decision with Maggie but he would rather marry her than the girl he was tokened to because he was scared of her mother. This tells us that Willie isn't a very confident man but we also know that he is learning to be more confident when he leaves the shop with Maggie because Hobson hit him. When Willie and Maggie move out, Hobson's business begins to fail drastically. Alice and Vickey run the business and they make a mess of it because they don't have Maggie's business intellect. When Maggie comes to the shop to invite her sisters to her wedding she tells them they have to accept Willie and kiss him to show it. After much protest they do kiss him and accept him as part of the 'family'. They all go to their wedding and Maggie takes a brass ring for their marriage. Maggie still doesn't trust Willie enough that's why she doesn't give him the ring. Before they enter the church Maggie asks Willie if he actually loves her because she has respect for the church. Will says, "You're growing on me lass. ...read more.


Hobson is forced to agree as he doesn't have any other choice except 'Hobson's Choice' referring to the title as he has only one choice which he has to take. Willie even stands up to Maggie when they are deciding on the name of the shop, "Mossop or Hobson or its Oldfield Road for us, Maggie". Maggie gives in knowing that Willie has grown since their marriage and is now an equal to Maggie. Willie has transformed since he started to work. He has grown in confidence yet still has held his humility as he agreed to have a partnership with Hobson and not leave him in his hour of need. Willie criticizes himself for being to harsh on Hobson but he is told he has done the right thing. Maggie and Willie are equal now and both take part equally in making decisions and Maggie now loves him more than she did when she originally saw him as a business opportunity. Willie also starts loving Maggie and they have combined marriage and business very well into a working partnership. I think Willie has grown well throughout the play. He stood up for himself at times when he needed to most and never grew arrogant and held his honesty, integrity and genuine warmth and caring. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shrayans 10JD English, Mr. Lynn Words: 1253 ...read more.

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