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Devices of Rhetoric - Tony Blair - Annual Report Statement

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Devices of Rhetoric Tony Blair - Annual Report Statement Tony Blair uses a large array of rhetoric devices, he uses these for great effect, for example to get one point into the minds of the listeners, he would use repetition. Tony Blair starts off his speech by using personification, "...will make Britain stronger and fairer." Using personification gave a human tendency to something non-human, Britain. Using this technique gives the listener a human trait to relate to and in turn see how that trait is used to describe Britain. He then moves onto quoting figures, although this is not a technique as such, quoting figures always gives an better edge on a argument or a speech, it seems more professional, and listeners are more interested in numbers rather than long sentences of information. ...read more.


using a command to tell the listeners to do something is an effective way of Delivering a speech. In this case however, the imperative sentence is almost rhetorical as the listeners have no choice but to do what Blair says, as it concerns Tax's. This could also be classed as minor sentence as without the context it makes no sense. Hyperbole adjectives also occurs in Blair's speech, "dramatic", the situation is not apparently dramatic, but the word is used to show a sharp decrease. A tri-colon is always effective in a speech, but Tony Blair combines, Tri-Colon's, Repetition and Rhythm. "...Education, education, education" or. "...Investment, investment, investment" Using rhythm stresses a point in the speech, this makes the listener listen more and repetition has the same effect. ...read more.


A great speech technique is to use "set 'em up and knock 'em down" This is where the speaker, (Tony Blair), lures the listeners into a false sense of security which the speaker then goes and destroys. "There is a lot done, but a lot more needs to be done..." Using this gets the listener to feel quite good about themselves but then making the listener feel guilty about not doing more. Tony Blair uses many Rhetoric devices to get his points across and keep the listener interested. Without using a wide spread of Devices a speech may go dull and not keep the listener interested. As this speech was more an information-based speech rather than an argument speech Devices like Rhyme and Similes have not been used, but a lot of other techniques have and in my opinion been used to great effect. ...read more.

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