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Devolution - creative writing.

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Devolution Jason landed, with one leg back and one leg bent underneath him, his hands outstretched. A smoking gun lay in front of him, he sniffed. Gunpowder......he thought, he quickly got up and ran into the rooftop exit, and the helicopter pilot who had dropped him off saluted him, and left. He was on his own now. Jason treaded softly, empty bullet shells crunched beneath his feet, the aftermath of heated battle. He moved swiftly from shadow to shadow, slipping silently from place to place, evading anything and everything that crossed his path. He was nano-augmented; A born and bred killer, someone had said about him, about all nano-augs. This is what all that training had led up to, all the psychological preparation, for the day they'd let him point a gun at someone. He was the new secret weapon, the sunglasses covered his glazed eyes, completely blue from experimentation, the long trench coat waved behind, the silence around him so loud. His vision was augmented, his strength boosted, nerves literally of steel. Nanobots enhanced his brainpower and reaction time. He hated it. He knew what he was. When they replace your limbs with biomechanical parts, and insert controlled micro robots into your brain, you border on what's left of human in you, and when it comes to that, it's not about human compassion or moral anymore, just upgrades and performance. "Hello Jason." A voice in the secret agents' head piped up. "Make you jump?" ...read more.


Not a metallic thing to be used like an appliance. But he was employed by a company that used him just for that. An appliance for killing. Human troopers were not enough. Killing machine troopers were what were needed. The pseudo-excuses and mechanics of it were an incredible thing. It could start with none other than the public school system, a device used for filtering, not for learning, and go from there, so that the country was made of "yes sir," "no sir," "I'll follow those orders without thinking about them, sir." Gunther had emotions, alright. But he was trying to bridge the wrong gaps. He was trying to reach ones made intentionally unreachable; and thus, he was using the wrong passions. And he could realize this as many times as he wanted, and say, "no, it's all false, I'm not a machine." But everybody around him didn't care, and he was left on his own, in a paradox struggle, a vicious loop that got him nowhere, and only made his lack of sanity even worse every time he went through it. And vicious cycles, regardless of their names, always end. More often in a very, very bad way than a good one. A vicious cycle would stretch itself so thin, that it would snap. Like a rubber band being pulled to its limits. This is exactly what happened when Garrett, the trooper, the man with a wife and three children whom he loved, with dreams that he had accomplished, with things that he approved of and things that he did not, a man with his ...read more.


Jason knew this is where he was meant to pull the trigger. Where he cares for nothing Gunther has to say. Orders are order. But he listened. "They use us, we have no relevance. They don't care. As long as we keep the ammunition storage low. Bureaucracy, politics, mismanagement. They'll do the same to you what you've been ordered to do to me one day. You know that." Jason gritted his teeth, and raised his gun. "You know it. But you don't care. You think you do, and you think about it all you want. But in the end you realize. We're the same. This is what we're trained for. I realized it, as will you...and you think your saving the world." Gunther began to shout. "You know how long I worked in this organization? How much effort I put in? And in the end they can just bump you off. No matter how high you go Jason, the ladder just gets higher." Jason thought. Hard. He was so excited to get onto his first field mission. All he'd achieved was discovering mankind's slow deterioration. The decent to destruction. As they evolved physically, the devolved emotionally. They had set his up perfectly, to be agent of the month, the best body dropper. The favorite. All he was, was a tool. A tool or government, and gun. And then... it happened. The thing that he thought about, dreaded about, happened. All the care left him, and the deep void of black replaced his heart. He drone was created, like all others before him. Like all the others after. He stopped caring. And remembered orders. "Agent Hermann. I announce your retirement." Jason pulled the trigger. ...read more.

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