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Diane and Dana.

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Diane and Dana The good, the bad, hardship, joy, tragedy, love and happiness are all interwoven into one indescribable whole that one calls life. You cannot separate the good from the bad and perhaps there is no need to. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis "Lets call it a day everyone. See you on Monday." Dana breathed out a sigh of relief. The end of school for a whole weekend. As she walked home she thought about what she was going to do tonight nothing, nothing at all. Other girls her age would be getting ready to go out to parties but she wouldn't be she would be sitting on her bed like she did every Friday night dreaming about the life she should be living. Dana was 15 and in Year 9 a very good girl straight A* student, with a scholarship to add to the burden of school life. But Dana didn't need textbooks and exams to tell her she was smart. Dana's parents were from down South with no social life. Dana's dad didn't believe in Dana being a teenager but wanted her to go from childhood to adulthood as quick as possible. ...read more.


That day as Dana sat in school Diane was catching a bus to New York Dana could feel the hard bus seat digging into the whole day but she didn't mind because she was looking forward to that night when she could get ready to party. Diane had a very nice body and as soon as she got to New York she caught a taxi to 5th avenue where she bought lots of clothes, then she went and bought a local newspaper and looked for flats that were available in New York and found a very inexpensive flat in quite a nice area of New York and settled down in her new home. That night Diane got ready for a party she was just going to turn up. (Gatecrash) while Dana was sitting in her room getting ready for bed she could feel the excitement of Diane she could feel Diane putting on her clothes doing her make up and leaving her very nice flat. Dana 1 started to get really excited she could fell Diane getting in her taxi, and riving to the nearest night club she could feel and hear Diane paying the taxi driver and entering the cue to get in she could feel the impatience of Diane standing in line but eventually she got in and joined the party. ...read more.


Diane was amazed at the high she had got and wanted more so she snorted another line. While this was going on Dana was pleading with Diane not to take the drugs but Diane over-ruled Dana as the Devil said Diane now had that power whereas she didn't before. As Diane took the drugs Dana was feeling the effects of them too. Dana started hallucinating and was really scared as Diane took more and more lines of cocaine Diane's addiction grew more and more and soon Diane's cravings got so bad that she even stole money and items from shops just to pay for her addiction all because of that one night that she had met John Bradshaw, and agreed to take her first drugs Diane was know a addict. Therefore if Diane was an addict to class A drugs Dana was also involved in the unhappy matter. Dana's work deteriorated and so did Dana as Diane slowly destroyed Dana's life all that she had worked for. That night Dana pleaded with the Devil and asked him to take Diane away bu the Devil bluntly said "No you made a contract with me and am know going to make you stick to your agreement you will not break a promise !" ...read more.

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