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Diary 1 - Hopes and Fears.

Extracts from this document...


Diary 1 Hopes and Fears Dear diary (Marco), Today was the day before my brother Rodolfo and me prepared to leave from Sicily and begin our journey to America. I don't know why I feel so heartbroken about leaving, but I know I have to leave because if I don't things will be worse for me and especially for my family. My oldest son is sick in the chest and I don't know if ill be able to support my wife and kids if I stay in Sicily because there is absolutely no work and no work means no money, no money means I cant afford to get medicine for my boy while feeding my family at the same time. That's why it's vital that I go to America, the land of opportunity! Where there is always work! So if I could get work once in America then I would make some money and I could afford to feed my family properly, buying the medicine that my son needs so dearly to survive. Who knows maybe after a couple of years in America I'll have a good enough job making enough money to bring my whole family over, that's my dream and something that would make me really happy. I cant wait to go to America I'm so excited and I know that Rodolfo is to, I think he's even more excited than I am and that's probably because he's a young lad looking forward to growing up in America. I'm really worried about going to America because of the immigration laws in the country and how were going to get in without getting caught, I pray to God everything goes well and that we all get into America safely and most importantly, quietly! I don't know much about America and its laws on immigration but I have first hand experience of how it is to live in Sicily and right now we Sicilians are being starved to death because of the lack of work. ...read more.


Marco kept telling me to relax and so I took his advice. About a minute later we were finally there, we got all are stuff out of the boot and waved good buy to Tony. I couldn't believe it, we had actually made it to America and was every bit as good as I thought it would be. We were in Brooklyn, New York! And boy it felt good to be here. Marco knocked on the door and a guy opened it, he said he was Eddie Beatrice's husband, I was so happy to meet him because he seemed liked a really nice guy. Eddie told us to come in the house and so we did, then we met Beatrice are niece, we were so happy to meat her and the rest of the family. Then I met Catherine and I was especially glad to meat her because she was such a nice and friendly young lady. I started to get very shy because I was so taken by Catherine and her beauty. She was memorising, every curve on her body and every move she made excited me. Her long flowing hair was so beautiful and it smelt so good, her whole body gave off an aura which attracted me like a bee is attracted to the smell of a Rose. From the moment are eyes met we connected instantly and I knew that we were going to have something very special together. They offered us dinner but we had already eaten on the ship so we were forced to decline. I sat down next to Catherine waiting for a cup of coffee, then Catherine asked me why my hair was so light and blonde compared to Marco's really dark hair. I told her the story about the Danes who had invaded Sicily a thousand years ago, so this was why many of us Sicilians were so naturally blonde. ...read more.


Alfieri would say "Marco this is insane, what you did could never be justified by any law in America, people in America live by the law and they die by it! Sicilian law doesn't exist here because over here the people are different! If anyone who saw the fight stands up as a witness saying that you provoked the fight then I'm going to have a tough job defending your innocence because after all you are not a US citizen. If however you are telling the truth then you will not be punished but no matter what the outcome is you will be deported back to Italy!" Marco would say "I understand what you're saying but what about Rodolfo, will he be able to stay even if I'm to be deported?" Alfieri would say "as soon as he's married to Catherine he can apply for citizenship and so yes he will be able to stay" Marco relieved would say "thank God I hope he does well in America as I'm sure he will. I hope that some day I will come back to America with my family by my side. In Sicily Eddie Carbone would have been a dead man long ago, he is the reason for my suffering, the reason why my children are now going to continue to starve. I'm sorry Alfieri, I had no other choice but to do what I did, you understand don't you? Alfieri would say "I do understand that you had no choice and I do believe in my heart that you are a totally innocent man, that you deserve to stay in America and even become a citizen but I'm sorry to say that the jury might not agree with me because they don't know what it was really like that day when Eddie died. I'm sorry Marco, I truly am. I can only guarantee you one thing though that I will do my best to help you. I'll do my best to look after Rodolfo, Catherine and Beatrice when you're gone I promise". English coursework 2 Magdi Dawood 11W Page 1 Candidate no. 3728 ...read more.

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