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Diary - 21st September 1910 - That Mr. Birling bewilders me!

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21st September 1910: That Mr. Birling bewilders me! He wants longer hours, and less leave, yet he is still able to steal what is rightfully ours! Why can't he see that it's impossible to live on twenty and six! We've begged for a pay rise for months, but still he persists not to listen to reason. People like him should have more compassion for others. 23rd September 1910: Four of us have decided to protest, we also acquired the majority of the work force to back us up. We can see that it may be hard for Mr. Birling to raise our salaries, because it would cause the price of the product to be raised too, maybe even leading to fewer amounts being sold, but it is hard to live off the money that we're earning now. 28th September 1910: From twenty and six to nothing. As one of the "ring leaders" of the protest we took the brunt of the punishment and ended up flat on our faces. The others and I were merely representatives for the entire workforce, and we feel that Mr. Birling was far too harsh. He said that it was for the good of the company, and that a twelve and a half percent increase in the pay rates would probably bankrupt him. ...read more.


Gerald told him that the manager of the bar had a message for him, and he hurried off. Gerald is a very inquisitive person, he asked me question after question, though I was obliged to answer them because I had started to enjoy his company. 6th March 1911: Gerald was shocked when I told him that I was to be removed from my accommodation because I could not afford it, so he set me up in his friends rooms, who had gone away to Canada for several months. Gerald left me with sufficient amounts of money and food, He is my one true friend at the moment, and I feel almost dependant on him. 9th March 1911: We've started a relationship, and I feel just right when I'm with Gerald. At times it becomes slightly sketchy, almost as if he were hiding something. I have the nagging feeling that it is all going to end horribly, though I shall enjoy the company whilst it is present. 22nd March 1911: As I had suspected, the relationship came to a halt and I could feel that Gerald needed to escape from it, so I produced an excuse and told him that I needed to get out of it. ...read more.


Birling, due to my relationship with Eric. I felt that my story with him would make the charity members feel that they should refuse my appeal, so I produced a story telling of my husband deserting me once he had found out that I was pregnant. Though, strangely the member of the charity that I talked to was in a great shock from the moment I told her my name, she repeatedly questioned my situation, and when I gave in she used her influence over the entire committee to completely refuse my appeal. I told them about Eric, and what he was like yet they thought was all a pack of lies I was told that the charity would do nothing to help me, and that it is the father's duty to look after the mother and their child, I'm truly distraught, what on earth should I do? 27th January 1912: I have made my decision about the child, and I feel that it would not be right to allow a child into such a cruel, petty and prejudiced world, where those with power abuse it, and those without just standby and take abuse. My death is what is best for the child, and hopefully, in the future people can learn to treat each other with dignity and respect. ...read more.

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