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Diary entries for Juliet

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Diary entries for Juliet By Tereen Johnson 10y Dear Diary, My time has come, I knew it would come soon, I am soon to be married. I don't know what to do or what to think. When I was told the news my life flashed before my eyes, I saw myself in a loveless marriage, sitting at home in old clothes, slaving over a hot stove all day and looking after the children, what kind of a future is that? Getting married is an honour, because it shows you are wanted and the older you are the less likely you are to get married and your parents will have to look after you. I don't want to disappoint my parents, but I truly feel marriage, at this stage in my life, is not what I want. I am not ready to make such a commitment. The man I am meant to marry I'm to meet at this party my father is throwing. ...read more.


I probably spent less than five minutes in Paris's company, I was too busy making eyes at Romeo. Glowing in the distance he was, he was wearing Levi jeans and an Armani shirt and he glided over to me and we started dancing, no words were spoken, it was as if we could read each other's minds and we fell in love. The party turned out better than I expected, the food was delicious and the drink divine. The decorations were lovely and the place looked really welcoming. There was a wonderful atmosphere. There was a big turn out, all the family were there and friends of the family and so on. The music was upbeat and everyone was dancing the night away, including me, well actually not all of it! Romeo and I shared more than one kiss that night and from the time my lips touched his I committed an act of betrayal, because my family and his family have deep hatred for each other and have done for many years. ...read more.


My life is messed up and it's like I'm falling into a black hole and there is no way to end the pain and anguish I am suffering. Glorious fireworks is what I saw when I married Romeo, yes I went through with the marriage. The moment I married Romeo will be the most special memory I will ever possess. I am really, truly grateful to the vicar for risking everything to marry us. Devastating news came to me via my nanny, that same day and it broke my heart in two. My nanny was mucking about with me at first and I thought my husband was dead, my heart stopped, can you imagine your heart stopping? It's a horrible thought isn't it? Then I thought Tybalt and Romeo were both dead, and then I came to learn that Tybalt was dead and Romeo was his killer. Extreme feelings of sadness and anger quickly rushed to my brain, like a lion pouncing on its prey. I felt like I was betraying Tybalt by having these feelings for Romeo, but I was upset about Tybalt as well. ...read more.

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