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Diary entries from the perspective of the main characters in Face.

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"Face" Diary entries.. June 2009. Natalie's Diary. I can't believe that the boys were so stupid as to look into the front window tonight! I was so scared that dad would see them; thankfully, he didn't. I told mum and dad that I'm going out with Louise and Emma from school. I was so worried that they wouldn't believe me that I bit my nails right down to the quick. Later on in the evening when we were out by the chicken shop, so scary-looking girls came up to me, they were wearing Jamaican t-shirts- well two of them were- the other girl was wearing a west ham t- shirt. But they all had yellow, black and green jewellery on. Anyway, they then started talking about this club- Dance Mania- and then I realised that they wanted to see if I really was an East-London girl! That got me thinking, do people have to always be smiling to seem friendly? After walking around the streets for ages, Martin wanted to know what the girls had been talking to me about. ...read more.


Would they pull out a gun or a knife? Would it end with us dying? If they were everywhere, would that mean that we couldn't go out anywhere? Then the boys started talking about Martin's dance moves. I'd forgotten that he was a great gymnast. From the look upon his face, I knew that he knew that I was proud of him. When we got to my road, Matthew and Mark stopped at the top of it and Martin walked me to the tree, so that he could get his goodnight kiss. Then he his hands started going everywhere, so I stamped on his foot, not too hard, just to warn him to not try his luck. After his kiss I walked into the house. In short, it wasn't a bad night. Matthew's diary. Tonight wasn't a bad night. We went out with Natalie- Martin's girlfriend and ended up in a rap club, of all places. When Natalie suggested it we were all a bit shocked that she would suggest that we go into a RAP club. ...read more.


Why did I get into that car? Why didn't I realise that the wheels were nicked? I shouldn't have got into the car, I should have followed Matthew and gone home, I would have been fine. I went in the car with Mark, Pete- who's now dead, and Apache- the driver who ended up fine and is now arrested; he'll probably end up in Juvie. Mark got let out today, he's not too bad and will be fine in no time. I've got a face that'll never be the same and a load of cuts and bruises that should heal. I wonder what everyone will think of me when I go back to school. Will Natalie hate me now? I bet she won't want to go out with me anymore. She could have anyone she wants, she won't want me. Matthew and Mark won't want to know me anymore either, what will they have to say to me now? They're normal, whilst I'll never be normal again. I'll definitely have plastic surgery, maybe then I'll look nearly normal. Life will never be the same again. I don't see the point of trying to make it normal, when it's not. ...read more.

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