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DIARY ENTRIES OF A MURDERER 31st March 2004 Miami cemetery I can see Julia's grave in front of me. And Carla's. Yet, I don't really remember that night. The night they died, I mean. I know that Julie was arguing. She was arguing with me. It was a long and loud argument. Something about a hospital of some kind. She wanted me to go there. I don't know why. I don't think I was sick. I think she had something in her hand. It was glinting in the dim light of the room. She kept repeating that I shouldn't go near her. I couldn't understand why. I loved her. She was my wife and I went closer to her. She was so beautiful. Her hair was soft and pretty. I took two steps towards her. She pointed the silver object she was holding. ...read more.


"Farewell, beautiful." 8th April 2004 My daughter's bedroom Her bedroom was always well-kept. It has a single bed, and a small desk that occupied one side of the bedroom. The room is empty. No one is at home. She must be watching television downstairs. I love her. What's her name though? Amanda? Or the other one, Carla? It must be Amanda. Then who was Carla? She walks in, her blue eyes wide. "What are you doing here? How did you get in?" "What do you mean? This is my house, little miss daughter." "I am not your daughter. Your daughter is dead!" "What are you saying?" "You killed her! And you killed your wife! Don't you dare come near me! I'll call the police!" I look at her. How did she know I killed her mother? Did she see it? Will she report it to the police? ...read more.


She was cowering towards the door looking nervously at me, nearly in tears. I got irritated. Doing that innocent princess act on me is not going to work, I thought, I would have to make her pay for what she did to me Very quickly, I grab her and drag her to the bed. I take a pillow. I put it on her mouth watching her tremble in fear. Then I put it on her eyes and kissed her goodbye. I could taste the salty tears that had fallen on her lips. I then cover her entire face with it and hold it tight. After she lay limp on the bed, I walked out the door. 20th April 2004 Prison bunk I don't know why those men put me in here. I don't think I've broken the law or anything. They keep talking about killing someone. I have no idea what they are talking about. It doesn't matter though. I called Julia. She'll come to bail me out after she picks up Carla from her ballet lessons. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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