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Diary of Aeneas

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Zoheb Hussain 4AMC Diary of Aeneas Day One: We had just lost sight of Sicily and with my 20 ships we were happily heading for deep waters when suddenly without any sign a thunderous storm arose, my limbs had grown cold and weak and I had wished I had died in the battle of Troy so I would have been remembered and I wondered if a god or goddess had cursed us with this storm. Our oars snapped and our bows lurched round and we see a ship held poised on the top of a wave, me and my men fear for our fellow men's lives. We see three ships tossed into rocks and sub merged under water and we see trusty Orontes ship sucked down into a whirlpool as a huge wave crashes down on it and his fleet tossed overboard head first and the sea littered with Trojan treasure but as this is happening suddenly the storm in an instant calms down and I wonder if a god has taken pity on us. Suddenly the sun reappeared and the clouds cleared from the sky, worn out we hurried to the nearest land and turned towards Libya's coast because there was a natural harbour where a pair of great rocks raise threateningly into the sky with still and safe water. ...read more.


As we travelled into the middle of the wood we met a Spartan girl who carried a bow and had tied the full skirt of her dress up showing her knees. She asked if we had seen her sisters who were hunting a boar? I answered we had not seen them but then I asked if she was a goddess or a nymph because of her beauty and voice. I asked her to tell us which country we had been forced onto by the winds, she first answered that all Spartan girls dress like her and then told us that we were in the kingdom of the Phoenician. The people who had migrated from Tyre and the city they were in was Carthage but the country belonged to the Libyans. She told us that Queen Dido ruled here and then gave us the gist of why Queen Dido had fled from Tyre. She said Queen Dido left because her greedy Brother, Pygmalion, had killed Dido's husband Sychaeus due to the greed for gold and fobbed her off with lie after lie but Dido found out in her dream. So her and anyone who disliked Pygmalion fled from the island with his wealth and bought some land and called it Bull's Hide. She then asked us who we were and with a deep breath I answered that I am Aeneas and I was following my mother a goddess to the promised land of Italy but on the way were shipwrecked onto this island. ...read more.


to my ship like 20 bulls 100 ewes lambs and gifts of wine and much more then she laid a banquet with service of silver all over it. But my love for my son would bear me no peace tell Achates to hurry down and bring my son and to fetch some gifts for Queen Dido like an embroidered dress and a necklace and other gifts snatched from troy and off went Achates. As my son and the other Trojans arrive with their gifts the slaves offer them bread and water. Many servants are working and setting the wine cups and keeping the larder well stocked. All the citizens arrive and on their bright coloured couches are admiring my gifts and my son. My son then puts his arms around me and kisses me but Queen Dido seems very fond of him since she keeps hugging him again and again. At the 1st pause of the banquet the noise quietens and the Queen calls for the heavy gold gem- studded vessel that King Belus and his descendants had used and fills it with wine. She then prays to Juno that may this day be happy for Tyrians and those who escaped from Troy and a day for our children to remember. Deep into the night Dido keeps asking me about the fall of Troy like how tall was Achilles and to tell the whole tale from start to end. ...read more.

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