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Diary Of Banjo Mattson.

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DIARY OF BANJO MATTSON Dear Diary, I am 29 years old and I come from a lower - middle class family. My ancestors came from England but I was born in Australia. I haven't got married cause I am having a hard time supporting myself let alone have a family. I lost my job when the Great Depression began and I got one about three years later. This is my story and this is how it all began. I was going to work on a Tuesday and I had heard on the radio that there was a Wall Street stock market crash but I hadn't really cared about it till then. When I got to work the following morning I had the shock of my life, I saw that I had been fired. The boss had told me he went out of business. I was scared. I knew this may happen one day but I never really expected it to. ...read more.


Now I thought I might even be inclined to steal money just to survive. The next few days were the same kind of thing with me doing menial tasks and just surviving after paying the rent. I thought of asking for some help but my ego got the better of me so I didn't. I was pondering on trying my luck on gambling and if I lost then I will get some help from the unemployment relief. I had heard of the horse named Phar Lap and he had a pretty decent record recently and I wondered if I should go to a bookmaker. 2 days later I did, I spent half my life savings on him and the next day he won. I was enthusiastic with the win but for some reason I had been had I never saw my winnings I never knew why. I must have been had I think at least I hadn't lost any thing. ...read more.


Two weeks later I was hoping I could find a job as I was sick and tired of being on the dole. I had searched and searched and finally one businessman said there was a good chance I may get one. Three days later a family of five had been evicted because they weren't able to pay their rent for 2 weeks in a row. The owner said they could have one chance because they had never failed to pay the rent. When they couldn't pay it the next week he said he had no option but to evict them. Meanwhile all the high hopes that I had came to nothing. I got a job three years after that. I finally moved out and I looked for a place to stay. I got a decent place to stay and it was cheap accommodation. Two years later my mother died and I paid for the memorial service from my own pocket because I remembered what my mum and dad had done for me when I needed help, they had let me stay with them. Banjo Mattson ...read more.

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