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Diary Of Eva Smith

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Diary Of Eva Smith 22nd December 1909 Dear Diary, Both my mother and father now rest in peace due to the evil curse known as influenza. I felt I was once a blessed girl, living in the country and possessing joy and love. Money never crossed my mind though I did have an urge to make something of myself- I dreamt of living a high-class life with expensive dresses and rich dinner parties. Now, this dream seems further away then ever. From day to day all I now think about is earning enough money to by food and pay my rent. I feel alone and lost, I plan to move away from Oxley to Brumley in search of a new beginning and more importantly a better life. 20th April 1910 Dear Diary, Having moved to Brumley, I now work at a factory called "Burling and Company." The money is not good but it is acceptable, some of my fellow colleagues are going on a holiday this summer but I plan to stay in Brumley and save enough money to move into a flat with better living conditions. Brumley has not achieved my dreams and aspirations but it is better than Oxley. ...read more.


I feel embarrassed and tortured. What a childish and foolish girl she was! I was innocent and was made a victim of her lack of morals. She has everything that I don't have, she does not have to live in isolated conditions and has parents to nurture and care. Her life is not worthless and hollow like mine. 15th March 1911 Dear Diary, After my redundancy at Millward my life revolved around money once again and I changed my name to Daisy Renton to conceal my emotional scars and fears. A fortnight ago at the Palace Music Hall I met a gentleman by the name of Gerald Croft who saved me from a drunken, disgustingly obscene womaniser. Following this frightening event I was taken along to the County Hotel and I acquainted with Gerald- this started our relationship, which brings us to recent affairs. Although I am in love with Gerald I realise there is no future in our relationship, he already has a girlfriend! I'm staying in one of Gerald's friends flat until the friend returns and reclaims it, this just proves that the relationship is a sham but at least hunger is not a factor anymore. ...read more.


Mrs Birling, an arrogant, harsh women made it her own vendetta to make sure I did not benefit from the charities aid. I do not understand why she misunderstood my situation; instead, all she did was use her superior class to continuously blame the father of the child- I left the organization disgraced and worse of than before. 2nd March 2001 Dear Diary, Hunger and the constant worry of the newborn are like an enraged fire within me. I am not only mentally, but also physically devastated, I know I have to strong though! The money I have remaining will barely get me a loaf of bread- I do not know how long I can last, I do not know how much more heartbreak I can take. 9th March 2001 Dear Diary, Throughout the last two years I have been relentlessly made an innocent victim of lack of moral feelings. I desire love, appreciation, prosperity, and companionship but all I acquired was hatred, condemnation, and loneliness. Each consecutive misery has caused me more pain and financial hardship- I do not hope for another chance in life but I do prey that people will realise that there is only a fine line between the rich, the poor and the wicked. I believe that I have out stayed my welcome in this heartless world and it time for me to leave everything behind. ...read more.

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