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Diary of Eva Smith

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Shona White 24th November 02 Mrs Jewitt Diary of Eva Smith 29th August 1910 Dear Diary, I have been working at the factory machine shop for over a year now and I am finding it so boring. I love working with materials and I think I am such a great worker but I am not being respected enough for how much time I put into this job. I mean I am ONLY earning 22s and 6d a week. For a young woman like me I think I should be at least earning 25s! I might actually have to go on strike with the other workers, I think, if Birling does not give me a pay rise. I do love working for Birling and im sure that I am one of the most brilliant workers here but he is such a stubborn man and I will quit this job if I don't get anymore money. ...read more.


9th December 1910 Great news diary, I have found another job. A lucky star must of been shining over me as I have found new employment at a dress shop called Milwards. Other peoples misfortunes have turned out to be my fortune in work as the workers had a short owing to a flu epidemic. I now like being surrounded by the nice clothes as this job is slightly different to the factory. 15th September 1911 I was dismissed at the clothes shop as a customer complained about me. I cant think who it could've been as I was such a 'willing to work' person. I was in a state for a couple of months but I did meet someone, Gerald, a very well brought up man, who has a great sum of money and helped me through the bad times. ...read more.


I will just have to be more weary and careful in the future. 24th November 1911 When I returned from the seaside I moved into some new lodgings that I brought with the money Gerald had given me before he moved away. I met a woman that insisted I went back to the Palace Bar. I met a young man named Eric who seemed very interested in me, although he was very drunk we both went back to my lodgings and spent the night together. After a few weeks we had been meeting eachother again and we begun to form a kind of relationship. It wasn't anything serious and Eric didn't love me. We have been together for nearly a month now and I think I might be pregnant! Eric wants to marry me but I just don't know how I could cope. What am I going to do? ...read more.

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