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Diary of Lady Macbeth's Psychiatrist.

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G.C.S.E. ENGLISH Diary of Lady Macbeth's Psychiatrist Date - 21st February 1051 I had often heard of the 'Macbeth House" and of the heroic soldier Macbeth, by whom many a man had met with his death. At first I had little knowledge of Lady Macbeth, but subsequently as a result of our meeting today, I have embarked on one of the most riveting cases having ever to be dealt with. To begin with she tried to acquire and entirely different identity, but this did not prevail. When she entered my study the pretence faded and she assumed her natural personality. Firstly she produced a letter that she had received two weeks prior to this interview. The content of which contained personal issues. Lady Macbeth explained to me that Macbeth had just triumphed in battle against Norway, when he encountered three weird sisters. These sisters predicted that Macbeth would become Thane of Cawdor and King of Scotland, and Banquo's descendents would also become king. This stirred Macbeth immensely because becoming king is his deepest, hidden ambition. Macbeth longed to know more, but the witches vanished before any relevant explanation emerged. Coincidentally, Macbeth was then actually made Thane of Cawdor. Macbeth then relates on how he feels by saying that the greatest is to come. ...read more.


During my discussion with the gentlewoman Lady Macbeth entered the room. Her eyes were open and she looked as though she was awake, but the gentlewoman assured me that Lady Macbeth was sound asleep. Ass I found out for myself, Lady Macbeth was truly unconscious. Lady Macbeth entered carrying a taper. I asked how Lady Macbeth had got hold of a light and the gentlewoman told me that Lady Macbeth had commanded that she continually had a light by her. This seemed to suggest that Lady Macbeth was scared of something. Darkness usually represents evil and I thought the light might be there to keep evil away. I think Lady Macbeth feels insecure and having a light by her was a kind of security. I also felt that Lady Macbeth's fear of the Dark went deeper than it appeared. She seemed afraid of the dark in more senses than one. Next Lady Macbeth became obsessed with washing her hands. Whilst doing this she began to talk. I didn't understand much of what she spoke of near the beginning. But eventually she began reliving events leading up to Duncan's Murder. I recognized several parts of what she spoke of from what my previous knowledge of my sessions with Lady Macbeth had taught me. ...read more.


After the murder she had to carry around all of her own guilt and Macbeth's. The only person that she could ever confide in was Macbeth. But now he is cold towards her and it seems like he doesn't care. Now she can't discuss her problems with anyone. This is probably the reason that she came to me. She had no choice but to keep everything bottled up. She had to keep up pretence. She couldn't be herself. Everything began to build up and Lady Macbeth was becoming buried underneath her huge pile of problems. I believe what hurt her most was the way Macbeth turned away from her. I knew she couldn't cope and she obviously knew she couldn't cope which is why she killed herself only two days ago. She was found dead in her bed with nothing but and empty cup lay on the fall to harm her. I believe along with many others that she poisoned herself. I don't think that Lady Macbeth was a bad person. She was just someone who loved her husband so much that she was prepared to go to any lengths for him. As I said in the beginning, it was what lengths she might actually go to that worried me. Lady Macbeth would rather die than live with a stonehearted husband and the guilt of murdering one of Scotland's greatest kings, King Duncan! ...read more.

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