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Dicken Essay- How well does Dickens create the characters of his narrators? Refer to three or four stories in your answer.

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Dicken Essay- "How well does Dickens create the characters of his narrators? Refer to three or four stories in your answer." The SchoolBoy's story is told by a schoolboy telling part of a life of a person called Old Cheeseman. Old Cheeseman used to be a student, teacher and then left. The narrator told part of his life, who is a schoolboy and stay with Old Cheeseman during the holiday. The narrator was supposed to stay in school for the holiday but Old Cheeseman met him and invited him to stay with him because he knew it is mental torture to reside at school during holiday. The story fits the narrator since the story is about school and it is not well constructed and the narrator attended the same school as Old Cheeseman. As an example of the story not well constructed, the narrator was telling about Old Cheeseman but suddenly change the topic to criticism on food. This can be evidence for he is not a good storyteller since he is young. At the start of story, the narrator used some schoolboy slang. "What a screw the Reverend is, or what a griffin SHE is, or how they do stick it into parents." ...read more.


"it's a shame to part 'em!" This is evidence for Cobbs's opinion on marriage. It is unusual for him to say that because he is not married. In addition, the reason for boot is not married is he doesn't stay in one place for a long period of time and his income is too low due to he is doing unskilled work. The language for the narrator used was odd since the story is supposed to be told in third person view. However, it combines with third and first person view. Moreover, the narrator used non Standard English and Received Pronouns. For example, "they was so little that he couldn't get his hand into 'em." As an example for Non Standard English, 'they was' and the example for Non Received Pronunciation is 'em'. The Holly-Tree is about a bashful man traveled to the North in order to go to America where no one knows him. During the journey, the weather was too bad for him to continue that therefore he stopped at the Holly-Tree. The reason for him to go to America was he was too bashful to face to Angelia who is his girl friend and he thought she loved Edwin, the bashful man best friend instead of him. ...read more.


However, Poor relation did not even try to get his belongings back from John because he is a pushover and afraid of facing to people who are stronger than he is. In conclusion, Dickens created the narrators really well by emphasizing on showing their characters throughout different occasion in the stories. In my opinion, Dickens created the narrator of the Boots Story really well. This is because Cobbs was doing an unskilled work and usually unskilled work requires lower academic qualification. From Cobbs's English, we could see he is not well educated since he used a lot of Non Received Pronunciation and non Standard English. For instance, 'gimme me' for 'give me', 't'other' for 'the other' are the examples for non Received Pronunciation and words like 'ain't' and grammar like 'they was' or 'he done' are examples of non Standard English. Not using proper English is caused by bad educated in English therefore he could not get a job that pays him a lot. A Boots is not paid a lot since it is unskilled work but this position can contact with the children most of time therefore I believe Dickens create the characters of the narrator really well. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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