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Did Eddie deserve to die?

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In this essay, I will be answering and covering all aspects of the question above whilst holding and delivering a personal view. I will also go over arguments that could be used against my opinions. My overall answer to the question above is that Eddie didn't deserve to die. 'This one's name is Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman working the docks from Brooklyn Bridge to the breakwater where the open sea begins.' This is the introduction given to the main character of the story. Eddie is an unusual character as the main person of a story is normally seen as a hero but Eddie is neither hero nor the opposite. At the beginning, he is shown as a modest person who makes a living for himself and his family. It's only when the two cousins Marco and Rodolfo arrive, that his personality changes. My first point is that no matter what a person does or may do, he or she never really at any point deserve to die. Eddie may have neglected his duties as guardian to Catherine his niece, especially when he sexually assaulted her by kissing her, 'He reaches out... ...read more.


Beatrice however does get the jest of this, and you can tell from her lines and the conversation that she ahs with Eddie. You can't blame Eddie for feeling like this. He has cared for Catherine for such a long time, that he feels that maybe she may belong to him and no one else, and when Rodolfo came, he may have felt very threatened and competitive. It's a human error, which can be committed by anyone, who has stayed with someone they care for a lot for a long time. Another reason that I feel that Eddie didn't deserve to die was that he had agreed to let Beatrice's cousins come over from Italy and stay with them, even though they weren't in the best financial position. He didn't know what would happen in the future, that eventually his life would be taken. He didn't know what kind of people Marco and Rodolfo were. 'Don't worry about it, B., there's nothin' to it. They'll be here n a few hours.' He quite cool with the idea of the cousins staying with them, as he calms down Beatrice right at the beginning of the play. ...read more.


'I'm tellin' you I know - he ain't right. Somebody that don't want it can break it.' This was right after he kissed both Rodolfo and Catherine and is talking to Alfieri at his office. He said that anyone could have broken out of the hold that Edie had him in and maybe he wanted to get kissed. My answer to this is that he is a human. All humans have some degree of jealously, even if they wish not to show it. He can't be blamed for something like that, its human to be jealous and make mistakes. After reading the play carefully, I can back my opinion in saying that Eddie Carbone didn't deserve to die. All the mistakes he has made can and has been justified in some manner, may it have been actions committed in the past or just being plain human. You can't say that someone deserves to die. A bad action can condemn a person to death but why can't a good deed or group of good deeds save him. This isn't very fair. That's why I say that a few mistakes can't make a man deserve to die, especially when that person may have already have a few good actions behind them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Riki Sharma ...read more.

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