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Differences and similarities in the spy genre as shown in 'Goldeneye' and Austin powers.

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Differences and similarities in the spy genre as shown in 'Goldeneye' and Austin powers. In the spy genre most films usually consist of the same things however occasionally you get some exceptions. Most spy films contain an element of good v bad, tension and excitement, violence and action. They also mainly contain technology and science, sex and drugs, politics and travel. Golden eye has everything you would expect a spy film to have. Austin powers however is a parody of this and although it does contain most of the subjects listed above it has a comedy element to it. The opening of every film is very important, if it doesn't have an effective hook people will not want to watch the rest of the film. Both Goldeneye and Austin Powers have very effective openings that hook the audience. Goldeneye was directed by Martin Cambell, who has also directed films such as 'Casino Royale', 'The Legend of Zorro' and 'The Professionals'. He was born in Hastings, UK. ...read more.


Although we all know if they were to try it they would never manage to get onto the motorbike, let alone the plane. The opening is filled with constant suspense, the pace changes increasing tension. In the high action parts the pace speeds up, however it can slow right down at the crucial moments, e.g as he leaps for the plane. Bonds character is very professional and sophisticated; he has the perfect spy character. The character itself appeals more to the female audience, as he is very sleek and sexy. He always wears a suit, which makes him very British because even when he is in gunfights or chasing someone he still looks smart and well presented. This is again something men will dream about being, but we all know that within 3 steps most would be out of breath and their hair not quite achieving that windswept look more a barnyard look. Austin Powers International Man of Mystery was directed by Jay Roach in 1997. The film cost $16.5 million to produce; Roach has directed the other two Austin Powers movies. ...read more.


Austin Powers is not what you would expect from a spy film. His character isn't professional and sophisticated like Bond and is more laid back and cheesy. Austin is very camp and whacky, unlike most spy characters he does not work alone and isn't very secretive, he needs an audience to show off his comedy side. His dress sense is the most visual thing that is different from Goldeneye, It is very 60's and psychedelic , he wears a lot of bright colours and garish patterns, the kind of things that would get you a death sentence form Trinny and Susannah. The opening is not very tense and here is little suspense, the comedy and fast pace stops it from becoming too serious. The main differences between 'Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery' and 'Goldeneye' are that Bond is your typical spy film whereas Austin Powers is a comedic parody of that. If your target audience likes the classical spy film then they would prefer Bond, however if they prefer comedies then they would like Austin Powers. Sarah Denman ...read more.

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