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Differences Between The Social Worlds

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GCSE English Coursework Differences Between The Social Worlds Of Miss Johnstone and Of Mrs. Lyons in the play "Blood Brothers" Blood Brothers seems to have been set in the 1970s/80s around Liverpool. There is a lot about striking and major redundancies in it. Also about people moving "out of Liverpool" into the "country" ( Skelmersdale ), in order to provide better housing and better prospects for everyone. The social climate of the working class appears to highlight the differences between working and middle classes. The contrasts between the personalities and characters of Miss Johnstone and Mrs. Lyons are clearly shown throughout the play but these characteristics are mirrored within where each character resides. There is a clear and distinct line between the two social worlds is obvious as Miss Johnstone and Mrs. ...read more.


There is also a clear difference in the language and vocabulary that is used by both different sets of people. For example Eddie refers to his mother as "my mummy" which seems to be a rather mummy's boy thing to say and a bit soppy and girly and also something a somewhat posh child would say. In comparison Mickey, who lives in a rougher environment, refers to his mother as "me mam" which is a rather typical thing for someone living as a child in working class Liverpool. He tends to be more colloquial and use more informal and slangy language where as Eddie tends to abbreviate his words and pronounce them all in the proper way. Mickey doesn't enunciate the ends of his word (for example he says "Yeh" instead of "Yes") ...read more.


But on the other hand, Mickey sees sweets as being a rare treat. In recreation both children have different ways of entertainment. For example, Mickey and his siblings are forced to create their own games using their creative imaginations to keep themselves occupied due to the distinct lack of any physical aids or toys to entertain themselves. In comparison to Eddie, who has various toys and books etc. to use in his own entertainment and enjoyment, but these don't require any imagination and it seems that the absence of having anyone to share his enjoyment with turned Eddie into being rather shy. Both children go to separate schools as well which each show a distinct difference in social classes. For example Eddie attends a private boarding school but Mickey goes to a state school. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jordan Wain 17th January, 2005 10PMM ...read more.

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