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Different Cultures And Traditions

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Different culture and traditions Are we free or not in this world? Using texts from different cultures and traditions discuss how free will or determinism in form of development or outcome of the stories. (1500 - 2500 words) I believe that we are not so free in this world even though most people would like to think we are. Our lives are controlled by many factors which we do not seem to notice. Some people accept what their future is and live with it, with out even attempting to change it. Fortunately thought there are also the same amounts of people who can see their own future but strive to do what ever they can to change it for the better. Now through out this essay I will compare two stories which are "Veronica" and "Country Lovers". There are many instances in these stories of how if the main character in the story made a different decision than the outcome of the story would have been completely different. So we will see what might have happened if the character made a different choice later on in this piece but first I will talk about the different points of view brought out in these stories. We shall start of with the story of Veronica. This story is of a girl and a boy who are best friend and they live in quite a poor village in Africa and the boy Okeke gets a chance to go to the city and study at university due to a scholarship which he had won and Okeke asks Veronica to come but she decides to stay. ...read more.


I suspect he may think that because the baby has got light coloured skin and because they are both black he would have thought that the baby would have had the same coloured skin as the parent and because the baby's skin is light coloured he might suspect that Thebedi might have had an affair with a white man and got pregnant and had a baby. Now we can move on to analyse the language which is used in these texts. Now the language which is used in these two stories are very expressive, they allow us to feel what the character are feelings. I will start to analyse the language used in the story of Veronica. And then I will move to analyse the story of Country Lovers. This in my opinion is a very heart felt and emotional story and I feel it is quite sad that the baby died in the end and that no body was convicted for the death of the baby if there was a murderer. But before we get to that lets start with the language used in Veronica. There are many persuasive words use in this particular text. The language which I have encountered in this text I have never seen or heard of before. Many people have commented on the language which is used in these texts and it is considered to be quite complex but I shall persevere and try to unravel the language in this text for you so that you may understand it as well as I have tried to. ...read more.


Where as in Country Lovers there is Thebedi, Njabulo and also Paulus. Njabulo is quite a shy and retiring type where as Paulus is the alpha male and is more demanding and quite mean and strict. And Thebedi last of all is quite laidback but when she was required of it she was not afraid to stand up for herself. Finally I will analyse if the main characters had main a different choice then what would have happened and how the ending would have been changed. I will start with the story of Veronica. If Veronica had decided to go with Okeke and work as a secretary to him and goes to night classes then she probably would have led a happier and fuller life and also would not have died as early as she did and she would have had a happy and rich family life. In the story of Country Lovers what would have happened if different decisions were made. If Thebedi did not have a sexual relationship with Paulus in her teenage years then he probably would not have come back in her life and Thebedi's baby would not have died. Also Njabulo and Thebedi's relationship would have been stronger and better. To bring a conclusion to this piece both pieces are brilliant in the way that they are written and put together. They are fantastic short reads which I would recommend to any one to read and also if you wanted to read about different cultures and traditions. Total words: 1890 ...read more.

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