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Different ways poems have presented the theme of love

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Compare and contrast the ways in which different poems have presented the theme of love The Elizabethan era was a time one links with the reign of Queen Elizabeth. It was a time known as the 'Golden Age', and allowed for a great expanse in English literature, poetry and music. It was the epitome of the English renaissance, and with it came many great artists, including William Shakespeare who changed Elizabethan theatre more than anyone of that era. Like Shakespeare, many English writers were influenced by the Italian sonnet, and these became heavily incorporated into the way poetry was written. Also with the renaissance of the English era, there came a greater interest in the Christian belief, and understanding the meaning behind it. This also influenced many writers, most notable being John Milton and Edmund Spenser. William Shakespeare's "Sonnet 130" demonstrates that he is one of the few love poets of his era whose style is so different to that of others. In most Renaissance love poems a woman is praised for her beauty, and adored for her godlike and perfect features. This involved comparing a woman's beauty to that of nature. ...read more.


One can blatantly see that a comparison between the two poems shows definite contrasting ideas, like their approach to their adoration of women, because although Shakespeare seems to undermine his 'mistress' outer, materialistic beauty, one can clearly see that his love for her is not skin deep because he realizes that although, the description of her may be uncomplicated, he realizes that his 'love' is 'as rare as any she belied with false compare.' On the other hand, Spenser seems to only notice her beauty, and not the beauty she conveys within. Also, it seems that Shakespeare's approach is more honest, which could be seen as more appealing to the younger audience of today's generation. This is because his language, although Elizabethan, appears fairly uncomplicated, and his comparison seem stark - "black wires" - additionally, his poem to others is more candid, and thus, more generally accepted in today's society. Another of Shakespeare's sonnets, 'Sonnet 116' depicts an extended personification of love. It contrast to sonnet 130, as instead of mocking the techniques of his era, he follows the norm with his basic sonnet form which has three quatrains and a rhyming couplet, also the poem itself seems more graceful, not only in the way the poem is laid out, but also the language used seems the promote love, however in an elevated and respectful style. ...read more.


Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 seems more sincere and ultimately the most persuasive in comparison to Marvell's. This is because he recognizes and respects the beloved intellectually without reference to gender, whereas Marvell only seems to recognize his "Mistress" because he wants to have sex with her. When one takes in to consideration all the poems and their approach to the theme of love, one can see clear distinctions. Sonnet 116 and sonnet 130-although written by the same author- vary, and are interpreted differently. It appears that 'Sonnet 130' focuses the most on love, and the how bonds that are created between two people, overcome any obstacle that is thrown at them. Whereas in Shakespeare's 'Sonnet 116', one can see an indication that he loves his woman, however the focus-like Edmund Spenser- is on the beauty of their beloved. Marvell on the other hand, seems to play around with the theme of love, his ways of persuasion seem atypical, and this could allow for the interpretation that he does not love his mistress, but that his love for her is in actuality is facade or pretence for sexual intercourse. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Zents 11Oc Candidate Number: 9057 English Literature Pre 1914 Poetry ...read more.

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