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Directing a scene from A View From The Bridge

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Directing a scene from A View From The Bridge Dan Brookes A view from the bridge is a play written by Arthur Miller in 1955. Arthur Miller was born in New York in 1915 and has written over 18 well known plays, some of which have won various awards. A view from the bridge was one of his first plays. This play is based in America in the 1950's when immigrants were coming into America from Italy by the big ships on the water-front. Immigration was illegal so immigration officers set up posts to try and find the immigrants, therefore immigrants had to stay low to avoid being caught and often had to stay at relatives houses. I will be directing the scene from page 55-58 when Eddie teaches Rodolpho how to box. I have chosen this scene because it is the first scene Eddie gets physical with Rodolpho. I feel this is a very important scene because the relationship between Eddie and Rodolpho has not been good throughout the play, this scene also creates a lot of tension as the audience want to see if the fight develops and how Rodolpho will react to Eddie boxing with him. ...read more.


The red light would then fade as Eddie cools down to show the audience his anger is fading. In Rodolpho's defense Catherine will quickly reply "They get some high pay them guys. The head chefs in all the big hotels are men. You read about them." They will carry on dancing, Rodolpho showing a bit of anxiety by looking at Marco in a confused way. Eddie then stands up and starts to talk about how the dock is no place for Rodolpho. Beatrice looks away as if she is ashamed Eddie is saying this. Catherine and Rodolpho stop dancing and start to listen to Eddie, Catherine giving looks of worry towards Beatrice. The main spotlight shines on Eddie so the audience can see this is an important part for Eddie. When Eddie gets near to the end of his speech because he is trying to make Rodolpho see he should levee he starts to swill his glass too much and then spills bits of it. Realizing Eddie is making a bit of a fool of himself he freezes, sits down and offers to take Rodolpho to a boxing match. ...read more.


Beatrice and Eddie break the silence by once again telling Rodolpho how well he did. Marco stands and calls over to Eddie " Eddie, How strong are you?" "Fairly strong, why?" Eddie replies, interested. " Think you can lift this here chair?" Eddie is confused so he goes over to Marco. Catherine and Rodolpho start to dance to " Paper Doll." Once again. Marco says " Watch me." He then gets down onto one knee and strains but manages to lift the chair with one hand. He stands up with the chair and looks directly into Eddie's eyes as if challenging his power and strength. Eddie all most laughs as Marco asks him to lift the chair up. Everyone has stopped what they are doing and are now watching Eddie. Eddie clutches the chair and strains but cannot lift the chair. Eddie's face turns from smiling to disbelieve. Eddie stands and says " Oh eerr...never new that about a chair, good party trick that Marco." Marco then replies " Yes it is but only if you can do it." Marco says this deadly seriously as if he is teasing Eddie because he couldn't do it. Everyone on set freezes and curtain falls. ...read more.

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