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Directing and Acting an Extract FromA View From he Bridge

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Directing and Acting an Extract From A View From he Bridge Page 46-48 Group: Natasha From: ' I love you Rodolfo...' Hannah To: ' Not with that...' Solomon Haakon Directing and acting in an extract of the book was great fun. Especially the extract that we had chosen as it set a challenge, with many events that have to be dealt with maturely. Plot/ Theme We choose the scene of when Eddie kisses Catherine and Rodolfo because we felt that it was a scene of great importance to the structure of the play. Eddie before hand had shown very little jealousy of Rodolfo and Catherine, but in this scene it is the first time we can clearly see it. This display of jealousy also turned Eddies and Catherine's relationship, then again their love and friendship had been rumbling ever since Rodolfo had arrived, but this really was the moment where the relationship had really become obvious that it had completely changed from the start of the book. This fight also results in Catherine leaving the home, another point in the play that is very important. I don't now about the rest of the group, but I also choose this section because it was a challenge worth taking on. I knew that many of the other people would choose the immigration officers section, but that seemed very boring and so I thought this section would be a better, more challenging section. This section really deals with the power of Catherine's love for Rodolfo and how the love that once fell apon Eddie had gone. ...read more.


Beforehand he had repeatedly told Alfieri ' he just ain't right' Of course it is a big issue abut why Eddie kissed Rodolfo. He had always considered Rodolfo to be homosexual ' Yeah, but if he ain't right, Mr Alfieri, you mean to tell me-'. He sang, danced, and had blonde hair, mentioning all three to Alfieri, but was the kiss really used to prove that what he had thought was true? The truth was that Eddie didn't want to lose Catherine, to nobody, so he tries in anyway possible to try and put her of him. Eddie also demonstrates just how aggressive he can be. We show this when he repeatedly grabs her arm to stop her from walking away ' Pack it up. Go ahead. Get your stuff and get outa here. (Catherine instantly turns and walks towards the bedroom and Eddie grabs her arm) Where you goin'? ' But Eddie also reveals a soft side to him. This is very obvious as Eddie starts to cry 'I'm sorry, Eddie (She sees the tears in his eyes)' This is the first time we see Eddie with real emotions for anyone, not even Beatrice. We can only hope that in order to show this on stage is to make it as meaningful as possible. Dramatic Qualities Now putting this all on to stage was not easy to say the least. As students it was very hard to get the love scene at the start right, but the hardest was definitely the kissing scenes Eddie had to perform. ...read more.


But with the combination of Natasha's reaction of squirming around, and my body being rigid, it looked very much like we were kissing. Now the fight scene had to look realistic, not just an immature half effort towards another vital important part in the play, but at the same time we had to make sure that Haakon was going to be safe. Our basic plan was to do a judo trip across my leg, then pick him up by his tie and collar and kiss him on the cheek. Review Analysis Now considering how short a time we had to prepare for the performance, I thought that what we achieved was really a great effort from the whole group. In particular things like the kissing scenes where we dealt with the situation maturely, and it was so realistic that a lot of people asked afterwards if we actually kissed. But the thing I was most pleased with, mature approach we took to the challenge of this very difficult extract. There were a lot of places in the section the actors could have laughed through, but we all took the whole situation seriously. I think on a weaker point, that we failed to make the situation with Eddie and Rodolfo tenser then i think we could have managed. We all got very nervous on stage and so we rushed through our lines, creating very little suspense when it really have ought to. Another bad point was we failed to keep Haakon safe when performing the fight scene. He fell quite badly. But in general our section of the play was a great experience to act and direct in. 1 1 Craig Samuel English Coursework ...read more.

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