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Directing Blood Brothers

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Imagine you are directing "Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell from Act two. "Mrs Lyons enters and goes to Mickey" to the end of the play. Blood Brothers is a play written by Willy Russell set in Liverpool in the early 1980s. I feel this play highlights the contrast between social classes and the effect it has on their lives. This is exposed in quite a deliberate way by showing the obvious differences between the two families. This play is about Mrs Johnstone who has seven children and is expecting twins. She is wanting to give one of them away. Mrs Lyons is the woman who employs Mrs Johnstone. She is desperate for a child and willing to take one of Mrs Johnstone's twin sons. The two young boys, Mickey and Edward grow up to become friends at a young age. This is not a good idea so their mothers try with a number of failed attempts, to move away from each other. However of course their secret is always going to come out and it leaves us with a tragic ending. ...read more.


Mickey's facial expressions have to dominate his feelings. The audience should be able to feel his emotions. "Friends! I could kill you. We were friends weren't we? Blood Brothers, was it? Remember?" Here Mickey if furiously answering back to Edward who is denying the fact that him and Linda had an affair. Edward tries convincing Mickey that he is just friends with Linda. Mickey needs to get across how hurt and betrayed he is feeling. His tone of voice in his speech should reflect this. "Yes, Mickey, I remember." This response from Edward implies that he is genuinely feeling a sense of guilt and knows what he did was wrong. Edward's facial expressions should really show how apologetic and penitent he is. Edward, throughout the whole play is dressed smartly displaying his upper class. "Does my child belong to you as well as everythin' else?" The atmosphere is apprehensive and Edward and Mickey's friendship is really losing itself. They are both probably becoming more and more uneasy about the whole situation. ...read more.


- "They say...they say that if either twin learns that he was once a pair, they shall both die immediately." It is particularly clever as the audience put their belief in this superstition expecting it to give them a dramatic ending. That, it did. "And do we blame superstition for what came to pass? Or could it be what we, the English, have come to know as class?" This being said by the narrator is a good way of rounding off the whole play. It really signifies what it has all been about and reminds the audience of the message given. The ending lines should be put across quietly with a low atmosphere reminding everyone of the superstition and tragedy that proved it right. The two social classes mixing really raises questions on whether it is right at all, and if even that could have been at the centre point of the whole issue. We can never really say why it had to be such a tragedy but what we do know is that Edward and Mickey were always going to find out and it was never going to give us the happy ending everyone desires. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sanah Yunis ...read more.

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