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Directing Macbeth - scenes 1, 2 and 3.

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Directing Macbeth SCENE 1 It begins in a smoky hall; dark lighting and shadows are all you can see. A CD player is going at full volume in the background. We sweep across the dirty floor until a lead guitar, (not expensive but very well used), lays at the feet of a handsome young boy of about 16. He has thick black hair, just covering his striking blue eyes and perfect skin. We spread out a bit and see Macbeth's best friend, Banquo's shadowy face. Ginger curly hair shows up in the near darkness under his blue fisherman's hat. A BCU on Banquo's face shows us that he has bright green eyes. In these eyes, we see the doorframe and a shard of light as the door opens. We spin round as light and noise of the cars outside streams in. Another group walk in past the other three people sitting on the floor with Macbeth. This is the first time we have seen these people, two other boys and one girl all about the same age. This girl is Lady Macbeth. She is wearing a red tight top and a lot of make-up. The red top is to show the blood that she will shed and the make-up is to show the mask that she puts on later in the film. We have a view of the other group's legs and as they walk past, Macbeth's group looks jealous and cruel. ...read more.


Withering very slowly. Her hand is held in a weak fist. She whispers "Fair is foul and foul is fair, hover through the fog and filthy air." We are still focused on her hand and she clenches her fist tightly. A drop of thick red blood falls from the side of her hand to the ground followed by the remaining pieces of grass. They are as dry as hay. In the reflection of the blood you can see the witch's eye. It gets clearer and clearer, increasingly colourful. It almost seems to be real and not a reflection. Suddenly it blinks and when it opens again you are looking into the eye of Macbeth. I do this to show the witches' power over Macbeth and also their prophesy of blood. SCENE 3 Macbeth is angry. He walks fast and just misses the cars around him. It is very noisy and we can hear in the background, Banquo running. All we can see is Macbeth's eye. In the eye we can see the cars, then the small green where the witch children were playing. Now we can see the side of his face. He looks angry, he is frowning and looks close to tears. Banquo is dodging the cars. The fact that Macbeth arrives at the scene first is to show his importance over Banquo. He has stopped now, at a pedestrian crossing. ...read more.


It hands there limply unnoticed at his side, like the control that the witch is slowly putting over him, limp at his side, unnoticed. Banquo laughs at him with the other two witches, goes to his side and starts his speech "good sir why do you start and seem to fear, things that do sound so fair," to Macbeth. Banquo thinks that this is a game, some thing made up by these young children and he starts to play along, "that he seems rapt withal- to me you speak not." He continues in this way, egging Macbeth on, while the witches group together again. Macbeth is standing alone by himself. The witches hold hands in a circle around Banquo and skip. They say these last few lines in the same tune from "Ring'a'ring'roses" they turn to run away after this but Macbeth says "stay you imperfect speakers" all the way to "Speak I Charge you". They all sing ring a ring a roses (the original words) while standing in the places they stopped, spread out on the green distant girls laughter comes and goes. At "they all fall DOWN" we have a close up of the main witches eyes then of Macbeth' eyes then of the main witch, when "Down" is shouted the witches suddenly vanish leaving the boys back in the roadside and the noise of the cars and guitar bass again is Deafening. We zoom right out matrix style. ...read more.

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