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Directing Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene 5.

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After analysing many superb versions of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I have considered and suggested new directions of Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene 5. After hearing Tybalt finishing his thoughts of Romeo, I think that the next scene should start off with calm music and should be pitch black. This will prove to the audience that something dramatic or different is going to happen that has not happened before. The darkness will also create tension. I also think that on the ceiling there should be stars that glow, so there is an affect of that they are a pair of star-crossed lovers wondering around the party. As it is a fancy dress party I think Juliet should be dressed up like an angel because it will emphasise that she is pure, holy and loving. Romeo should be hidden in armour because his costume will convey that he is brave and wanting to do whatever he thinks. I have suggested him to be brave as he would do anything in life to suit him but he will always protect himself. ...read more.


Then Juliet speaks her lines gently and slowly which proves she is innocent and that she is still a young girl. When Juliet is saying her lines she is walking away to the side of the room, Romeo is dragged behind. This also suggests that Juliet is in control. She is in control as she is leading Romeo and making him what she wants him to do. After reaching to the side of the room, where the other people at the party cannot grab attention of them. They both stand and both join hands. They both start to giggle, as both of them know there wish is coming true. Both now know that each of them loves each other as a couple in love would. They then both fall back onto a couch. Romeo pronounces his lines and invites Juliet to join hands once again. They then both stare at each other's hands. Then in a gentle voice Juliet claims. Then all of a sudden Juliet stands up which suggests her innocence again and it also conveys that she is still very young to fall in love. ...read more.


Romeo again follows her and holds her hands because he does not want to lose her, as she is coy. Romeo has to try everything to keep her. Then in a sweet and gentle voice Juliet declares her lines. Romeo has this cheeky smile upon his face again and cry's his words whilst kneeling on the floor as if he is begging (he is). They both start kissing and both are in control of each other as both of them think they have got each other now. They both give the same amount of love and passion to each other. Juliet then alleges her lines very gently and confusingly. She then runs away with a smile on her face. This portrays again her innocence and emphasises that she is still too young to know anything about love. The lights dim and the audience should only be able to see Romeo under a spotlight to highlight he is lonely without Juliet (someone to love and be returned that love). I think after the points I have concluded above it will make it easier for people to interpret Juliet's innocence and Romeo's braveness and passion for Juliet. ...read more.

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