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Directing the first sceen of 'The Crucibal'.

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Betty, the daughter of stern Reverend Parris is ill, apparently in a trance. He cannot find any reason for the sickness nor can the doctor. He is advised by Doctor Griggs to look for 'unnatural' causes to her illness - in other words, witchcraft. Parris is horrified by this suggestion. He fears that his enemies will take advantage of such revelations. Parris's orphaned niece, Abigail, attempts to give support to her uncle, obviously trying to conceal something. He caught Abigail, Betty and some other girls dancing in the woods. She gives a display of innocence when Parris asks what happened. When pressured she admits to dancing but then becomes bitter. By this time rumours of witchcraft have been promulgated around the village, and many onlookers arrive at Parris's house, trying to find the cause or solution of such problems. The Putnam's daughter Ruth lays the same as Betty, but with her eyes open. They look for one who has the power to conjure spirits, as it may contain lead in their investigation to find out who murdered the babies that Goody Putnam had lost at birth. When Abigail is left with Betty and two of the other girls, it is clear who is in charge. ...read more.


The audience is instantly shown this by the denial of John Proctor and how desperate Abigail is to rekindle their past. He shows how being in this situation makes him uneasy by denying any knowledge of the affair. He also makes himself see Abigail as a child this eases his guilt, and his refusal. This is shortly followed by the screams of a distraught Betty. When she screams it creates a great amount of tension between the whole of the crowded room. As Putnam speaks of witchery Parris is eager to clam his wailing daughter down. When Giles enters another layer of tension arises. The rivalry between him and Putnam is still clear, and tension between the two is clearly shown. As is between Proctor and Parris who both disliked each other from the start. Proctor believes Parris is only worried about his name and not the good of the village. Soon after Hale arrives, this creates more tension. He has come from Beverly to help solve the problem. Putnam and the others in the room wait eagerly as does the reader to hear what Hale has to say about Betty. When he proclaims Betty is all right the reader and the others seem shocked, as it is clear she was dancing. ...read more.


As many rivalries exist between the members of this room. The last bit of tension created is done by the arrival of Hale. When he arrives lots of anxiety lingers in the room as he assesses Betty's condition. This will be shown by how everyone will stand still, trying to make as lesser noise as possible. Then when proclaiming she doesn't have the devil contained within her the break out of conversation will show the relief they feel. From this part onwards Miller creates all the tension building it up to a climax, onstage this will be shown by how the characters react to each other. It mainly starts when Abigail delivers the line 'Tituba! Tituba!' in fear, that she may be found to have dealt with the devil. Hale beckons Tituba and breaks her down to confess, Tituba weeping and sobbing at the process of cleansing. Then when Abigail cleanses herself she breaks out sobbing to, dropping to her knees in a dramatic fashion. Then the girls start screaming and wailing people's names, Betty rising suddenly to shout a name. They will shout them loudly and the shocked facial expressions and body language of the other members of the room will show tension. The lights will suddenly be cut out when the last word is shouted, before the actors move offstage. ...read more.

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