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Director’s notes for Act 3 Scene 1 Of Romeo and Juliet.

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Director's notes for act 3 scene 1 Of Romeo and Juliet. The play is set in Verona, a city that has its peace shattered by the feud between two prominent family's. The house of Montague and the house of Capulet. The chorus tells us that amongst this ancient grudge, a "pair of star crossed lovers" will take their lives and their deaths will extinguish their parent's rage. Shakespeare's Theatre was called the Globe, It was constructed in 1599. It was the most elaborate and attractive theatre yet built. Underneath the floors of the outer and inner stage was a cellar named "hell", allowing for dramatic appearances of ghosts. Seating was limited to the front row and was open to the public eye. ...read more.


I have chosen this setting because I think it will be entertaining, and I think it Is one of the best places to set it in modern time. It will help people relate to the fighting. My characters will be wearing modern fashion clothes. Romeo will wear white to show he is pure, it will also symbolise that he has just got married. Mercutio should wear orange and bright colours to show he is outrageous and full of life. He shows this characteristic when he mocks Tybalt and Benvolio. "By my heel I care not". This is Mercutio joking about the Capulets approaching. Tybalt will wear black and red to show his temper. He shows this because he is looking to fight Romeo, Romeo tries to make it not necessary to fight but Tybalt still wants to fight. ...read more.


Act 3 scene 1 is important to the plot of the play because it is the climax of the play. In it the two of the main characters die and it is the climax of the family feud because they have lost people close to them. The Prince has also lost his cousin Mercutio. It will also mean that Romeo will have to leave Juliet. He is worried that she will be angry with him for killing her cousin. It seals the fate of the lovers because the penalty for murder was death, but Romeo still has to leave Juliet. This is what makes Juliet get the potion because she does not want to stay without Romeo. Her family also did not know that she was married to Romeo and want her to marry the Prince. ...read more.

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