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Directors file for the new production of an Inspector Calls.

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An Inspector calls Directors file for the new production of an Inspector Calls Cast List - all these people I have chosen for the following parts are because they identify with the characters as well as the reasons I have said. Inspector Goole = Anthony Hopkins I thought quite carefully about who would be most suitable for this part as I think it is very important that the actor playing this part can manage put out a certain impression of solidity and purposefulness have a strong and almost hypnotic power over the other characters and also the audience. The inspector is probably the hardest character to portray excellently and I think that Anthony Hopkins would suit the part perfectly as he can do the things that the inspector does, such as give a character a certain power and a mysterious feel. I imagine the inspector to be very similar to 'Hannibal Lector' from 'Silence of the Lambs, which Anthony Hopkins played. From previous parts that Anthony Hopkins has acted I know he can manage to have complete control over situations and people and brings a very unsettling feeling with him which is exactly how he would have to go about to give the presence the Inspector would. The main thing that Anthony Hopkins would have to try and do, would be to give the Inspector all these characteristics without making it look like he was even trying, and I think this is very important. ...read more.


Matt Damon would have to make sure that Eric seemed as if he had a lot inside him that neither the audience nor the other characters know about. Gerald Croft = Billy Zane I chose Billy Zane simply because of the character he played in Titanic. He was a very rich upper class man who seemed very nice at first but then turned into a money obsessed selfish man. Gerald is maybe not this extreme but he is fairly similar. Billy Zane would have to show clearly that Gerald has many of the same beliefs, as Mr. Birling and all he really thinks about is the good of himself and he business. He would do this by using body language with Mr Birling as well as the lines he is given in the script. Billy Zane would need to give Gerald a very higher-class, snobbish look but at the same time make sure he was charming and loving. He would do this by making his voice fairly loud and clear and would have to move like a superior, very tall and upright. Billy Zane would have to be careful of how much of his character he gives away to the audience at the beginning of the play. He'd have to work carefully on making his changes of emotion and character convincing through out the play. Edna = Clare Danes I imagined Edna to be very small and timid, and a fairly plain character partly because this is how maids were meant to be in those days. ...read more.


anything to her Eva Smith would be wearing very old and shabby clothes to show the big difference between the Birlings being rich and her being poor. She would wear very dull and basic colours, a brown long skirt, a grey shirt with a navy blue over waistcoat and a black woollen shawl. She would have no jewellery as she would be unable afford it and her skin and hair would be very dull and dirty. Edna would just wear basic lower class clothes but they would be a bit better quality then Eva's. She would have a basic navy long skirt and a navy blue long sleeved shirt that buttoned up to the neck with a white apron over the top. Inspector Goole's costume is quite important in portraying who he actually is. At first I was going to dress him as an ordinary inspector but then I though I wanted something a bit different. I decided that my inspector was going to be wearing something very similar to soldiers uniform from the First World War. This would make the audience wonder if he is from the future and if he is actually a soldier coming back to teach the Birlings. He would wear a long brown/green thick trench coat with a casual dark brown suit that would not really be very visible under the coat. He would also have a brown bowler type hat that would shadow his face making him mysterious and unexplained. ...read more.

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