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Directors notes Act 3 Scene 5 lines 126-203.

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Directors notes Act 3 Scene 5 lines 126-203 Following our breif meeting yesterday, I thought you may apreciate some extra information about Act 3 Scene 5. I belive you are still unsure on some of the lines so I hope you will find the following instructions helpful. Firstly it may help if I explain how this scene fits into the play as a whole. This is an important scene as it shows Juliet's relationship with her father, her father's status in the play and Juliet's views on how she is treated as a child in the sixteenth century. Before this scene happens Tybalt a member of the Capulet family is killed by a Montague, this causes a lot of stress in the Capulet household and when Capulet enters Juliet's room he notices that she is crying, Capulet thinks this is because of Tybalt being killed but the audience will know that this is because of your marriage to Paris. After this scene there will be a great deal of tension between you and Capulet. I feel this scene is very important as it shows the deterioration of Juliet and Capulet's relationship. ...read more.


Capulet thinks that you are still crying over the death of your cousin, Tybalt but it is really over you not wanting to marry Paris. Capulet also sees that you are crying a great deal, so i would like you to do this. After this I would like you to pull yourself together as you are about to stand up to your father. I would like you to do this by taking a deep breath and standing straight. When Lady Capulet says that you do not want to marry Paris you need to look very shocked that she refers to death. "I would the fool were married to her grave." At this point you must look shocked and I want you to do this by gasping covering your mouth with your hands and taking a sharp step backwards. You then must take a step foward as Capulet finishes his lines and you must be ready to stand up to him. You are very distraught that you are being forced to marry Paris. "Not proud you have, but thankful that you have: Proud can I never be of what I hate." ...read more.


show this by looking at the floor and for you to start crying, especially when Capulet says to the nurse, "Peace, you mumbling fool!" You must feel bad as Capulet is being overpowering towards Nurse. When Capulet is about to leave the room you must quickly look at him with a nervous expresion on your face "To answer I'll not wed, I can not love;" You must look and have a nervous tone in your voice here as you are regreting what you said and you think that he will do more than shout at you. As this version of Romeo and Juliet is in a modern day theatrr the lighting will be very important to the whole play. The lighting will be focused on the characher who is saying the lines and in this scene when Capulet is getting angry thr lights will be a warm orange colour to make him seem like his anger is filling up the room. I hope these notes will help to improve you understanding of the scene, you will feel confident when you are acting this paticular part of the play and you now have greater knowlage of how I want this scene acted. ...read more.

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