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Dirtylocks and the Three Pigs

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Dirtylocks and the Three Pigs Once, in a place, in a time, that is to say, once upon a time, there lived a not so beautiful young woman named Dirtylocks. She was called this because she had long locks of hair that looked almost like dirt because of their dark brown colour and she was fond of playing in any mud or dirt she could find, around where she lived in the woods. Her friends would often complain to Dirtylocks for ruining her party dresses, which she wore before a night out in the forest with her friends. One summer morning, after a wild night out in the forest Dirtylocks ran straight outside her cottage to play, whilst her friends were still inside sleeping recovering from their hangovers. Dirtylocks was known to be more than a little mischievous; this had also gotten her in a lot of trouble before. She instantly began searching around where she was allowed to play for a nice big pile of mud that she could squish between her hands (it was mud and dirt that revealed Dirtylocks' inner child to everybody). "All of the best places have dried up, and dry mud is no fun." ...read more.


It either smelled overwhelmingly or the air was clogged up with a strange smelling smoke. The worry and fright Dirtylocks was feeling, because of being in this weird new place, felt as if it was floating away on clouds of freedom. She gazed over to one corner of the room looking helpless, still sitting on the floor, her legs in a 'v' shape. Instantly she could see where the strange smelling smoke was coming from. The puffing pig was in the very corner where much of the smoke was drifting into the air. Although she felt like doing nothing and sitting in the same spot all night, she knew it wasn't right. "Enough is enough!" Yelled Dirtylocks. She took an almighty push off the muddy ground and stood up fiercely. The pigs snorted even louder than before, each one in a different corner of the triangular room. "C-c-c, you're not going anywhere. Silly c-c-c curious creature. Stay and have a little fun. Were your friends." The chomping pig said scathingly. "You seem like a party girl. Take a whiff of this." The snorting pig extended his arm (because they all stood on their hind legs) ...read more.


She cupped her mouth and slithered like a serpent through the mud swallowing much mud as she slithered. More and more mud she swallowed until she could swallow no more. She looked up at the sty where she had leaped from a few moments ago, but it was gone! Dirtylocks managed to get to her knees, mud drooling out the sides of her bursting mouth. She no longer felt hot or affected by the pigs' concoctions. Nor could she hear the music or see the flashing lights of many colours anymore. Yet she was still deep into the forest where she had been told never to step foot. "C-c-c," "What was that?" Dirtylocks asked herself, she instantly thought that the three pigs had returned to snort at her some more. She looked over her right shoulder- but nothing. Then her left- but still nothing. She looked in front of her and she could just make out three pink piglets rolling in the mud. Now some say that Dirtylocks went mad, others say she died from the drugs and others say it never happened at all and she had just made it up because she was mischievous and to get her friends out of bed. All I know is, something happened to Dirtylocks that day, although we may never quite know the truth. Word Count: 1568 ...read more.

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