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Disaster Strikes

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Disaster Strikes 'WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WEER LATE!' I stirred and groaned. 'What time is it?' I managed to say whilst yawning. 'It's 10:30,' Tom yelled back. I hauled myself up and took a brief moment to remember the night before. Food, Sangria and a game of Pictionary, what a night. I jumped out of bed as quickly as possible. We were supposed to be there at 10, we were supposed to be there at 10! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can't remember how we got to the airport in time or how we got the lady at the ticket desk to let us on the plane 20 minuets late. All I know is that we meet Kira and Becca when we got to our seats, how comfy the seats were and how fast I got to sleep. I slept for about 31/2 hours after that and only got woken up when a Steward shook me awake to tell me to put my seat-belt on, I don't know why she just didn't put it on for me. 'Hey Seb, we are landing,' Kira and said. 'Cool.' We were going to the 'Hotel De Roy' in Lodeve to stay for two weeks at his new theme park called 'San High Park'. Apparently it boasted 'The worlds tallest, fastest and scariest rides all in one theme park'. Our parents had paid for us as a treat because we had had a good first year in our GCSE's. Tom was one of my best friends at school and was a real nice guy, that was when he wanted to be. He was younger than me but it didn't show. He was slightly podgy but not fat, he had brown eyes, brown hair and a rounded face. Becca, who was the youngest out of all of us, was tall, blondish and had short hair, she was also going out with Tom. ...read more.


'You know I've always fancied you, I've just never had the guts to ask you out,' I said feeling nervous but also having that funny feeling in my gut. 'Well, are you going to now or not because I reckoned now would be a good time.' Will you........' 'Yes.' She moved forward and hugged her. The I kissed her, she was a brilliant kisser. Then I realised that to anyone who walked in on us this would look dodgy. 'I must go change. I'm going for a swim,' I said changing my mind about the gym. 'Coming?' 'Go on then, meet you at the pool in 5 minuets.' She said smiling; she kissed me and walked out the room. It took me about 10 minuets to find my swimming stuff at the bottom on my bag and by the time I had got changed and go to the pool Becca and Tom were already. They had obviously been told because both beamed at me when I walked in. 'So we will be able to go on lovers 'r' us after all,' Tom said grinning and we all busted out into laughter. I jumped in and did a length of the pool. It was lovely. After the swim we all had breakfast and discussed what we going to do. I suggested that we go on the 'Haunted Tower' and everybody agreed. We left at 10:30 and hired a buggy because we were all tired. Driving through the park gave us an idea of how massive it was. We got to the tower at about 11:30 after stopping on the way for various small attractions in which Tom won Becca a teddy bear and I won Kira an apparently gold ring but it wasn't real so I promised to buy her a rear one later. I had some money saved up from a summer job and I was waiting to spend that on a good cause. ...read more.


I could here the steps behind us and I looked around whilst I was running but there was nothing there. We all got to the lift at the same time and stood there panting, out of breath, I could here the steps but I turned round and there was nothing there. The noise had stopped. The lift door opened and we all stepped into it. I pressed the ground floor button and this hideous snake came out of a hole in the floor at lighting speed and back into another hole on the other side of the lift. I jumped beck and fell into Kira who caught me. We all busted into laughter. Suddenly, there was this massive bang, and this horrid screeching noise, the lift shock and suddenly there was this head rush, we all lost our stomach and were pushed to the side. Becca screamed, Tom screamed with her and Kira and myself yelled out in joy. I was unsure of what to do, it lasted for so long and I was reminded of a ride at Chessingtons World of Adventure. Suddenly the lift stopped and we were all thrown to our feet. The door 'binged' and there, waiting, was a witch like the one that had lead to the lift. We all got up and followed the witch to the front. The ride was over. We were all disappointed. 'Well, that was some ride, Lets go again.' 'NO,' we all commanded back. Weather the warehouse was part of the Haunted Tower or if the scratching was supposed there we will never know. The rest of our stay was brilliant and we went on as a many rides as possible, Kira and myself are still going strong and so are Tom and Becca. And needless of how much it cost, we are going to save up and go back next year. By Seb Daniels 10 Ashdown ?? ?? ?? ?? Seb Daniels - 1 - 10 Ashdown ...read more.

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