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Discovery in the jungle

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As the sun rose from its bed, most of the boys were awake apart from Piggy. As the older boys discussed what they were going to do that day, the littleuns were looking for fruit in the forest. Luke was about 7 years old and had black hair. He was one of the older littleuns and he was not scared to go further in the jungle. His eyes were a light blue. He was popular around his group and most littleuns liked him. The littleuns were walking around in groups like a group of excited monkeys, jumping around, playing but also they were looking for fruits. As they were walking through the jungle, Luke spotted something. While the group went towards fruit trees Luke went in the opposite direction, he has seen a metallic object lying beneath a small pile of leaves, it seemed to be hidden, he slowly reach for the pile and slowly, unsurely began to remove the leaves one by one. At that point Luke seemed like he had found a toy. His face was bright and he was smiling. He seemed amazed about what he had found. " Johnny, come here look what I have found," shouted Luke with excitement. While he had called for Johnny the entire group of Littleuns came to see what was going on. " It's a gun," said Percival bewildered. Luke started to run for the beech to show all the older boys what he had found. ...read more.


Later that day, Jack and his hunters put on their face paint. The masks were back on, as the children turned into savages, they began to dance and chant like tribal boys. As they all danced around Jack, he was holding the gun in the air, like a sign of power and strength. They danced and shouted their way into the forest. Simon watched them, he was scared of them and knew that something wrong was going to happen with that gun. He was a quiet boy, always keeping to himself unless he needed something. In the forest there was only silence, the boys slowly crept along the forest floor, minding not to stand on dry leaves to make noise. Jack was leading the group as they kept a look out for pigs. Jack, once again had the mad look in his eyes, when he hunted, he turned into something else. Jack the child was no longer part of him at that moment. Roger signalled Jack telling him that there was a pig on the left. Jack slowly pulled the gun out of his black, leather belt, careful not to make any noise that would aware the pig of their presence. He took aim. "BANG!!" The pig went down. The hunters started cheering, "Shoot the pig, cut its throat, shoot the pig, cut its throat" The chant was terrifying. It echoed around the jungle just like the gun shot did. ...read more.


He was standing about 10 metres away from him. Simon was walking around, smelling flowers when he caught sight of Roger walking towards Percival with the gun in his hands. He immediately thought of what Roger was going to do, he began to run. Roger slowly aimed at Percivals head, smiled and began pulling the trigger. "NO!" Shouted Simon as he jumped infront of Percival. "BANG!" Percival turned around and began to absorb what had just happened, he started to cry. Ralph and Jack raced to Simon which was lying on the floor with a bullet through his chest, he had sacrificed himself for Percivals sake, he had jumped in the way of the bullet that was aimed for Percivals head. "What the hell have you done Roger!" Shouted Ralph, he was shocked and was overwhelmed with what had just happened. There was nothing they could do for Simon. Roger said nothing, he was just standing there, with the gun in one hand and the other one by his waist. "I can't feel my legs," whispered Simon shivering. As he began to breathe deeply as the lack of blood was beginning to take a serious affect. Jack was silent he had nothing to say. He slowly turned around and walked away like nothing had happened. Simon was gone, one person had died under the leadership of Ralph. Ralph grabbed the gun and threw it into the see. He went off alone, and began crying, he cried for Simon, he cried for his mum, he cried for home. By Ashkan Rahmati ...read more.

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