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Discursive Essay on School Leaving Age

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Discursive Essay - School leaving age The issue of whether the school leaving age should be raised to eighteen has been debated recently in the media. It is an important issue because it affects future generations and will greatly influence what they can and can not do with their lives. A variety of different arguments have been put forward about this issue. Some people are against raising the school leaving age. I will discuss these views and point to some of the problems with these opinions and why it is vital for the country's economy and the wellbeing of future generations that the leaving age is raised. It has been argued that if young people are forced to stay in full time education until the age of eighteen they will not benefit from the two extra years of education as if they are not interested they will not learn and will instead disrupt the learning of those who are keen to further their learning. ...read more.


This argument states that there is a high possibility of taxes being increased to pay for this new education system due to the need to expand school premises for example. However the diversity in the new school curriculum will most certainly be worth whatever small cost. The diversity will ensure that those who choose more vocational careers have the qualifications they need to succeed. In the future it is very likely that the number of qualifications necessary to be employed will increase. Therefore without the diversity available to young adults in school the qualifications required will, for many, not be attained. It has also been said that the cost of extending the period of compulsory education is too high. This argument assumes that raising the leaving age would require a huge investment in teachers, books, new school buildings, computers and so on. Despite these views I would suggest that raising the school leaving age is a crucial investment in society's future. Doing so would increase the economic potential of the future workforce, and so will increase the money the government takes in the form of tax. ...read more.


By extending their education for at least two years the possibility of young people achieving better qualifications would be enhanced. A higher level of education and a broader education would surely provide young people with better qualifications. A better education provides the opportunity to acquire more skills and therefore creates more options in life. In addition it has also been shown many times that those with more education find it easier to find work and that they are more likely to find that work satisfying. In conclusion the school leaving age should be increased to eighteen. Young adults would benefit indefinitely from an extra two years of compulsory education as they would have the option of continuing with academic based subjects or opting for more vocational courses. Children will also be protected from many of the pressures of adult life and will not feel obliged to leave school to help provide for their families. The national economy will benefit as the nation's work force will be better qualified and earning more money. If the leaving age is not increased the entire country will never benefit fully from the country's possibility to educate. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a very well laid out essay, with mostly very good control of complex sentence construction and paragraphing, and with well-presented introduction and conclusion. The range and choice of lexis is well suited to the task As a discursive essay, however, there are many statements that are not adequately supported by evidence or not effectively followed through. There is an overarching assumption that raising the skill base of the workforce will bring national prosperity and no evidence is offered for this.

3 stars

Marked by teacher Jeff Taylor 20/05/2013

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