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Discursive Essay on Tagging

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Just Tagging Along Electronic tagging is a form of non-surreptitious surveillance consisting of an electronic device attached to a person or vehicle, allowing their whereabouts to be monitored. In general devices locate themselves using GPS and report their position back to a control centre. This essay will discuss whether these moves are an acceptable response in the face of the unacceptable behaviour of today's youth or if they are simply designed by adults to deny freedom to this generation. Every generation seems to believe that the ones that follow it plumb worse standards of behaviour. The problems people identify with today's youth may be plentiful but are often sensationalised by the media, for example the Kieran Prince story. This was by no means an extraordinary killing yet was headline news for several days simply because it was a racial attack. ...read more.


Others say the main reason behind this anti-social behaviour is bad-parenting although some adults place the blame on violent television and videogames. There is an assumption that adults are best placed to provide solutions and I agree with this as I do not believe that anti-social behaviour is something that will sort itself out. Despite this, there is another view that adults are simply interested in minimising the freedom of youth, which in some cases is true so I think anyone that is not involved with children or has no experience in dealing with them should not decide on their punishment. The problem with tagging children is that it leaves some thinking that if the child doesn't obey the curfew and the authorities are alerted how this is different from the authorities being alerted in the first place. ...read more.


I certainly know which one most would prefer. In addition to the tagging come the night-time curfews which again have their supporters as well as critics. In theory the curfews should be very advantageous in that the authorities will be able to control where the tagged person is and so in effect prevent that person from harming the community. In reality the curfews are often difficult to enforce and so do not help as much as they could. In conclusion some of today's youths are anti-social but it is difficult to draw comparisons between generations and there is no way to prove that this generation is the worst. I feel the real issue here is criminal activity and that it must be prevented and punished. Ultimately tagging is a method used to help us achieve this. ...read more.

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