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Discuss Alfieris's role in a view from the bridge.

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Discuss Alfieris's role in a view from the bridge. A view from the bridge is set in Brooklyn, New York and was written in 1956 by a man called Arthur Miller. The play is based on a true story and Miller knew the area well as he lived there. This made the play all that more understanding. Miller's parents were both illegal immigrants which also gave him a better understanding of what he was writing about. There are numerous themes in the play such as, love, obsession, justice and jealousy. These are expressed quite strongly in the play, especially concerning the protagonist, Eddie. In the play, Alfieri has what I believe to be the most important role as he holds the play together. He is used as a, dramatic device, narrator, and he is also a pretty important character in the play. The opening of the play is spoken by Alfieri so that we get to know a little about the area and the play before it actually starts, such as when he says, 'This one's name was Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman working the docks from Brooklyn bridge to the breakwater where the open sea begins.' This is telling us a little about Eddie and what his life is like. ...read more.


Alfieri is stood on the bridge separating the two areas and has a view of both sides. He may think that Eddie shouldn't have been doing what he was, stopping Catherine, his niece, going out with Rodolfo, but he still gives legal and mental advice to Eddie, 'There's nothing illegal about a girl falling in love with an immigrant,' and, 'You have no recourse in the law, Eddie. Although he is doing this, he still helps Marco and Rodolfo as he tries to get Eddie to leave the matter and let Catherine go and live her life how she wants. Such as when he says to Eddie, 'The child has to grow up and go away.' He also gets them bail at the very end of the play, 'I can bail you out until your hearing comes up.' This suggests that he is a very loyal person to everyone. Alfieri's line, 'see how uneasily they nod to me,' suggests that he is very well known as the people are nodding but then again, he is not necessarily liked by them, this is indicated by the word 'uneasily'. This is because he is a lawyer. 'We're only thought of in connection with disasters,' is a quote which Alfieri says about himself as a lawyer. ...read more.


Because of this, most of the people in the audience should be able to understand the play fairly easily. There are certain times in the play when Alfieri doesn't say anything where he usually would, such as at the end of act one when Marco proves himself to be a stronger, more powerful man than Eddie. I think that Alfieri didn't say anything there so that the audience can interpret Marco's warning themselves and it leaves them wondering. If Alfieri had spoken to the audience and told them what had happened then the mood and suspense would be ruined and forgot about. To sum it up, I would say that Alfieri was the most important role in the play, as if he weren't there; then there would have been no information for the audience to interpret and they would not have any understanding of the play; the play would not flow and Miller would have had to find another, less effective, way of giving background information. I liked the play very much and thought that the idea of having Alfieri for all three roles was a good one. I also liked the way that the play was believable and it mentioned the American dream, people being able to go to America in peace to live and work and earn money for their families. This worked well as Miller both knew the area well, and was an Italian American himself. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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