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Discuss and evaluate the importance of the fight scene in Romeo and Juliet

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Discuss and evaluate the importance of the fight scene in Romeo and Juliet The purpose of this scene is to make a statement that the Montague's and Capulet's are rival families, it also shows how serious Romeo is about Juliet as they are secretly married, and he does not want to fight Tybalt (Juliet's cousin). Shakespeare wants us (as the audience) to feel tension and suspense. We feel this because there is so much action between Romeo and Tybalt; this is what we expected to happen. What had just happened before the fight is that Mercutio sees Tybalt and tried to make fun of him, Tybalt had previously challenged Romeo to a duel and was determined to fight. Romeo refuses and the feud starts to begin. Shakespeare allows us to anticipate that there will be a fight because he uses dramatic irony, where the audience know Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a fight but Romeo does not. This creates tension and draws in the audience's interests and suspense. Shakespeare sets the fight right in the middle of a public place. ...read more.


He can be very harsh with words as he quotes on line 60 'thou art a villain' he says to Romeo. He was calling Romeo a peasant which is a great insult to a man of noble birth like Romeo. I think the staging of the Mercutio verses Tybalt duel should be intense and exciting, it already sort of is as they're both quite good Fighters, Tybalt is slightly better though. They make it exciting with their fighting techniques, they fight using fencing terms, and I know this from Mercutio's quote on line 84 'come sir, your passado!' Passado means fencing thrust. I think they should have put a dancing technique so the characters use the stage well by darting from one area to the next. I think it would be good for their intensions not to be to kill each other, then Tybalt accidentally stabs Mercutio under Romeo's arm, then the audience can react to Tybalt's expression on his face as he notices Mercutio's injury. I think this would give the play some good suspense to it; the audience can/will be just as shocked as the characters. ...read more.


We know that this tragedy has been mapped out, this is why the line 'I am a fortunes fool' is a crucial line in the play. It is important to set the scene in the middle of the play because it is full of excitement and keeps the audience interested and keeps us thinking. If the scene wasn't there the play would be quite tedious, the plot would be pointless and I think that it would lose a lot of interest from us as the audience. It is also a very important scene of the play which is why it needs to be exciting, intense and thrilling. This scene is so important because it is relevant to the play. The dramatic effect is so important, the tension and suspense keeps us, the audience interested and involved within the play. The feud that is caused sort of sums up the relationships the characters have with each other, and shows us exactly what they're like; their personalities, the way they act around each other. This scene keeps us thinking about what will happen next, how will Romeo and Juliet's relationship turn out? What will happen to Romeo? What will their families say? All these questions are running through our mind which is what I think Shakespeare wanted. ...read more.

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