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Discuss and Evaluate the Importance of the fight scene in

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GSCE English/English Literature Assignment: Discuss and Evaluate the Importance of the fight scene in "Romeo and Juliet" 1\Introduction The fight scene in "Romeo and Juliet" is a very important set piece. This scene is very much used be "William Shakespeare" as a way to connect to the reader viewing it. He tries to allow the reader to have mixed emotions. Some of the emotions the fight set piece is trying to display are Hate, Horror, Excitement, fear and tension. The reason why the reader feels these emotions are because there are many points in the fight scenes where the main character could have and almost does get killed. The context of this set piece is very much heading towards the dramatic time in which "William Shakespeare" wrote "Romeo and Juliet" (1595). This is because the why that all the characters would carry swords around with them and it was seen as the norm. There are many things that make us accept this. One is the way that Mercutio calls his sword a "Fiddlestick". The main reasons which make us anticipate the fight between Tybalt and Romeo; one thing is that Mercutio shouts before he dies: A plague on both your houses. Three times and this really changes the mood of the scene. Also Tybalt returns and taunts Romeo about Mercutio's death. ...read more.


The two duellers will be laughing and seeing the whole thing as a chance to express themselves. This fight however would stick very close to the rules of fencing. In which the winner would be the first on to hold the opponent to the ground. When fighting the two fight would not intend to hurt each other in anyway apart from their morals and credibility. We can understand this at one point when Tybalt throws back Mercutio sword. I feel that the song should really go on for too long before Romeo steps in and causes the fight to change path. When Tybalt stabs Mercutio, I think that this should be an accident and not deliberate as showed in some versions of the story display. The stabbing should happen when Romeo moves to the side and Tybalt lunges towards him, in a sportsmanship manner and accidentally stabs him. This is very much like Zeffrelli version of "Romeo and Juliet". However this varies from the Baz Lurman version of it. When the fight is very intense and Mercutio falls onto the blade of glass. 5\When Romeo arrives on scene the audience feel relived because they think that Romeo has come to sort every thing out between the two families. During the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt. Things get a bit heavy hand between the two Duellers. ...read more.


as the saying goes "Happy Ever After" and then all of a sudden, this terrorizing and tragic fight scene comes along and totally changes the plot in almost every single way possible. This scene on its own is a major plot twist. When "William Shakespeare" wrote this play you can see that he wanted to create a real big feeling of tension between all the characters featured in the fight scene and suspense is used a lot in this scene to create atmosphere. However the tension in the scene is very good at illustrating the Conflict between the two families, in how when the arguing is going on the stand on their own side never, near the others. The main themes that can be used to describe are Terror, Tragedy and action with excitement. Mainly because of all the fighting and killing which all adds you to what the scene represents. After the moment when Romeo kills Tybalt the reader braces themselves for what is going to happen after. At the time the reader is most likely to believe that Romeo will be executed because of the fighting. Because earlier on in the story the prince says If you ever disturb our streets again, Your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace, But never the less the prince decides not to punish Romeo by death but banish him so the reader does feel relived at this. ...read more.

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