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Discuss And Explain: In what ways could Act 4, Scene 1 be said to be dramatically significant?

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Discuss And Explain: In what ways could Act 4, Scene 1 be said to be dramatically significant? Act 4 in the romantic comedy 'Much ado about nothing' is of great dramatic significance to the whole play, as it is in Scene 1 where Shakespeare brings out the different sides of the characters to illustrate the complexities of love and relationships. Act 4 Scene 1 is clustered with different incidents and in this essay, I will go through each event and describe its importance to the play as a whole. I will do this by showing how (with the use of language) Shakespeare expresses the feelings of his characters and uses theatrical stage actions to emphasize their emotions. The Scene begins with Claudio's accusation of Hero, who so far, throughout the play has been seen as an honest and honourable woman. However Claudio accuses Hero that she is not what he thought of her 'But you are more intemperate in your blood, Than Venus or those pampered animals that rage in savage sensuality. This is shocking and Shakespeare prepares its audience for a scene which represents a turning point for his characters lives through these remarkable personality changes, as Claudio has never acted like that towards Hero earlier in the play. ...read more.


Don John gives the impression to be the single character in the play who doesn't divulge his other side. This because almost certainly throughout the whole play Don John has been an untrustworthy and deceiving character that is to be regarded with suspicion; "...I am not of many words." Deception is another aspect of the play which seems to have contemporary relevance with today. This is because there are still people in this world, lying and deceiving, not only themselves but other people around them as well. Don Pedro and his brother Don John have a feeling of resentment towards each other. This is because Don John's illegitimacy has prevented him from the honour uand respect that his legitimate brother has been able to enjoooooy. Nonetheless, Claudio defends Don PErdo as he is on Don Pedro's side, " Don John seems to have a grudge against his brother Don Pedro as Claudio (who is on Don Pedro's side) defeated him and; "that young start-up hath all the glory of my overthrow." He is still bitter about that and that is the reason why he wants to make Claudio and Don Pedro suffer. Don John's illegitimacy has prevented him from the honour and respect that his legitimate brother has been able to enjoy. ...read more.


Act 4 Scene 1 is the plays most intense moment where Shakespeare employs prose sentences of two or three words which shows the passion Beatrice and Benedick have for each other. Thus, earlier incidents of rhetoric were false to hide their inappropriate feelings and Shakespeare uses this contrast to prove his point. This a turning point in the play and the language shows that they can trust each other now, where as in contrast, Claudio and Hero have lost that trust. The direct communications between Beatrice and Benedick shows how they are both capable of love but were afraid of expressing their emotions. Since this play is a romantic comedy, Shakespeare is demonstrating how there are ups and downs in relationships and Act 1 Scene 4 is the dramatic scene where Don John's plot is successful and the lover's companionship has been broken. However, Shakespeare uses Beatrice and Benedick characters as a contrast to Claudio and Hero in the scene to make the audience optimistic about personal relationships. Their open admission to the love they share shows how they were hiding behind a mask of aloofness and wit before. In conclusion, this scene is extremely significant to the play as a whole as it is a turning point for the characters and Shakespeare adopts vivid use of language and imagery to emphasize the comedy behind romantic relationships. Maisa Ahmad 10G GCSE English- 'Much Ado About Nothing' Assignment ...read more.

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