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Discuss Conan Doyle's presentation of the villains

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Coursework 18.10.2005 Discuss Conan Doyle's presentation of the villains And the victims in 'The Speckled Band.' In this essay I will be examining the possible villains in Conan Doyle's 'The Speckled Band' In my own opinion I thought the villain was definitely Dr Roylott. It is from the brief encounter between the three men, that the reader can gather his/her own ideas concerning Roylott's involvement in the crime. In the Speckled Band Roylott is described as 'Huge, tall, large faced, with deep set bile shot eyes' etc. Upon entering the office he did not knock but 'dashed open' the door. Here, we get the sense that he is quite a blunt and aggressive character as it is traditional, to knock before entering, this is the first time the reader is able to look into the mannerisms of his character. After declaring (literally) his name, he says, "My stepdaughter has been here I have traced her. What has she been saying?" Roylott has a very dominant tone within his speech. His conversational tone conveys to the reader, that he believes he is better than the person he is talking to. ...read more.


Julia Stoner was the first victim that was killed in Dr Roylott's house. This case was never solved. Helen Stoner was the around the age of 30, but looked older; she wore a black dress, which was heavily veiled that cased an air of mystery. She had premature grey hair from stress and shock of the death of her sister. She speaks in a low tone of voice and always worried, she had no money but will be getting some when she marries her fianc� as she mentions this to Sherlock Holmes, and she also mentions that her fianc� has tried to solve the mystery of her sister's murder, but did not succeed. She has flowery (elaborate) language, she is very shocked. To prove that Helen was scared it says in the book: 'I could not sleep at night' The second possible villain in 'The Speckled band' are the gipsies. At the time of Julia's death she proclaimed, "Oh my God Helen! It was the Band' The Speckled Band!" The band of gipsies that lived in the plantation about the house wore spotted handkerchiefs over their heads and Helen supposed that this was the reason for Julia's proclamation. ...read more.


Watson helps the readers understand exactly what's going on and, in a way, puts their minds at ease. This is typical of Arthur Conan Doyle. He creates a psychological battle in the minds of the reader. He uses Holmes to create a trouble with interpretation of sequences past and to come and then simplifies it through Watson. Sherlock Holmes suspects Grimsby Roylott, treats Helen Stoner kindly, spots all the clues, recognises red herrings, takes personal risks and solves the crime. He does this by spotting all the clues "My attention was speedily drawn...to this ventilator and to the ropes which hung down to the bed. The discovery that this was a dummy and that the bed was clamped to the floor, instantly gave rise to suspicion that the rope was there as a bridge for something passing through the hole and coming to the bed. The idea of a snake instantly occurred to me". Initially I had an idea that Doctor Roylott had something to do with the murder, but after, when Holmes revealed it couldn't be him I had a suspicion that it was an animal because he was known for keeping wild animals. ...read more.

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