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Discuss dramatic and poetic techniques used in Act 1 Scene 1

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Romeo and Juliet Explore the dramatic and Poetic affects used in Act one scene one. Romeo and Juliet, written in 1595 by William Shakespeare, is a tragic tale about two star crossed lovers who are both torn apart to solve their troublesome dilemma, whether if they are to marry in the midst of an ancient feud between their families. As a result of their decisions and advice from the nurse and friar Lawrence, the story ends tragically with the deaths of both lovers and other main characters. For my essay I will be discussing the dramatic and poetic affects which William Shakespeare has used for act 1 scene i and the prologue. The play starts of with one of the most important scenes of the play, they prologue, in here Shakespeare reveals the plot to draw attention and suspicion form his audience to draw them into the play. The prologue is to help people of lowercase ability understand the play and allows the people of higher ability to start thinking about the reason why the plot has been suddenly revealed within three minutes of the play. ...read more.


Immediatly we are drawn into the play especially with such an active opening to the play. Because Romeo and Juliet is a play, stagecraft has to be used, it is a crucial part of the play which helps the audience to see many different scenes and characters much more clearly. In the play, just like a lot of Shakespeare's plays, hierarchy is used. This is how Shakespeare ranks his characters by weath, importance in the play or importance in their society. For example a way stagecraft is used to clarify the importance of Gregory is to show that he is a character who has something important to say, a spotlight could be displayed upon him or he could be given extra space to act, but at the same time, the stagecraft has to be thought of wisely because it is very easy for the director to give Greogry, a servant to much attention and make him look like Romeo. Another example of how stagecraft is used to show the audience the hierarchy of the characters is that with Prince Paris, in ...read more.


This is a very good dramatic affect used by Shakespeare to get the audience involved in the play. So Shakespeare uses a variety of different affects to complete the prologue and act one scene one, he uses hierarchy, speech, good linguistic skills and stagecraft. For my essay i conclude that in the prologue and act one scene one so many different dramatic and poetic affects have been used, the play can easily be interpreted by many audiences, but we also have to consider the social context and background of the play, which some of the audience might have an issue with. And finally i think that because is unaware of the social background of the play they might become confused with the characters and why they are doing what they are doing. Also the ending of the play has been made very obvious, when the play starts, the violent beginning makes it not so suprising that the end will be deadly and that it is also mentioned in the prologue. ?? ?? ?? ?? Izzah Asif ...read more.

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