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Discuss Eddie Carbone's Role in 'A View from the Bridge'

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Eddie Carbone lives in the dockland area of New York, specifically Red Hook. Therefore, there are many cultural influences from different parts of the world. There is a strict moral code in the society towards many things. When immigrants arrive, they do not tell the Immigration Bureau about them, but allow them to work. Everybody knows everybody, in Red Hook, so when Vinny Bolzano 'snitches' on his illegally immigrated uncle, the whole community knows about it and disowns him. This shows the importance of family in this suburb and is also demonstrated by Eddie struggling to allow Catherine to date Rodolpho. The main career of the people of Red Hook is being a longshoreman, and so the people have learnt to 'scramble'. For instance, there will be some weeks when ships do not come into the docks and so there is nothing to unload. As work is not guaranteed, families like the Carbones have had to learn to save any extra money for emergencies like this, in case they struggle. Although Eddie does not think he earns much, having been an American citizen all his life, the sums amaze Marco and Rodolpho.. ...read more.


Alfieri starts the play, as well as ends it. At both points he says, "Now we settle for half, and I like it better." This is showing how New York has moved on from its criminal roots, and from the days of gangsters like Al Capone. When Alfieri says this, he means that instead of people getting killed for miniscule actions, people have learnt to sort out their disputes legally. When Alfieri says this at the end of the play, he is referring to the fact that Eddie got killed for telling the Immigration Bureau of Marco and Rodolfo. However, after this he says that "truth is holy". The word "holy" implies a religious significance, and that truth is the basis of religion. Religion is also referenced when Marco has been bailed from prison, before being deported, he prays in the local church. This could also be that he is prating for forgiveness before he goes and seeks his revenge against Eddie. Eddie and the community in which he lives are very protective of their names. ...read more.


Beatrice and Eddie's relationship is also strained by the lack of sexual relations between them. Whilst Eddie blames it on Rodolfo and Marco living in his house, Beatrice does not believe him as the relationship has been tense since months before the arrival of the two Italians. Beatrice says to Eddie that it has been "almost three months" since they last had sex. This means that the relationship is not intimate and so there is lacking trust and love between them. However, after Marco disgraces Eddie, Beatrice continues to support Eddie even though she believes he was wrong to phone the Immigration Bureau. When it is Catherine and Rodolfo's wedding, Eddie refuses to go and also forbids Beatrice to attend the wedding. Whilst Beatrice wishes to go to the wedding, she does not for she loves Eddie so much that she will do as he says. When forbidding Beatrice to go to the wedding, Eddie says "You walk out that door to that wedding you ain't coming back here". This shows the level of command that Eddie believes he has over Beatrice, and how he thinks that he is the dominant individual in the family. ...read more.

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