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Discuss how Arthur Conan Doyle creates suspense in his short story `The Man

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English Course Work - Angelika Zadranowicz Discuss how Arthur Conan Doyle creates suspense in his short story `The Man with Twisted Lip`? In this essay I am going to discuss how Conan Doyle creates suspense in his story. In the 19th century life was extremely difficult. People had been manipulated, especially women, who were the most commonly manipulated characters in the literature of the time. Most women weren't treated with respect. The law in the 19th century was very different comparing to what it is now. The law now is not so very strict but the police is being treated with full respect, as in the 1800's the law was very strict and unfair. If there was a problem about male and female, the court will take male side. The poor people couldn't never became rich, because it was difficult for them, they been treated very bad and with no respect, most of the poor people had loads of children, so they could send them to work. The rich people were opposite of them, they could afford anything. Conan Doyle uses descriptive language to express the scene that greets Watson ` I found the latch and made my way into ...read more.


The `drunken feet` is like when you are drunk or on opium use, you aren't really able to control yourself. The opium den is full of people that are addicted to opium or people with problems. Nobody would ever assume that rich people could have so many problems, because they have family, money, houses and many more luxuries that they always wanted to have, and they still came to opium den. Anyone who had entered in the opium den had a bed and anything else that was needed. Watson sees the villa as very rich and positive place, `A large and comfortable double-bedded room had been placed at our disposal` this suggest that the room was very rich, however Holmes looked very poor, because he was seen as the opium den. Conan Doyle had created suspense to the readers, because they start to wonder how they afforded a house that looked like this, as well as they could wonder why does St.Clair need such a large house for only him and his wife. The villa was an impressive place; it was a place from you could only dream of. ...read more.


Neville St.Clair), for example he could get killed, many ideas could come up to the readers head, but at the end of the story everything gets explained and we get tricked. In my opinion the suspense is very important in a mystery because the reader needs to keep on reading, otherwise the story is going to be boring, and nobody would like to read it. The title also creates suspense because everybody wants to find out who is the man with the twisted lip. Conan Doyle made the suspense in the story very successful, because he keeps us in an unknown situation, in which nobody could work out the ending of the story. The short story is great, but I didn't like the way it was set out. Conan Doyle kept as in a suspense form the being of the story; it was very hard to work out how the story would end up, that was very good of him because he makes the readers carry on reading, because we want to find out what happens next. I didn't like the way how Holmes was trying to working out the whole story, because his person itself was taking opium, and as he was a detective that should had happened. ...read more.

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