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Discuss how Ayub Khan-din uses Characters, comedy, language and dramatic devices to highlight cultural conflict in the play East is East

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East is East Essay Discuss how Ayub Khan-din uses Characters, comedy, language and dramatic devices to highlight cultural conflict in the play 'East is East' East is East is set in Salford, Manchester in the year of 1970. The play is about an Anglo Pakistanis family of eight. East is East is link to the outbreak of war between India and Pakistan over the independence of East Pakistan through George. To show how Khan-Din uses Characters, comedy, language and dramatic devices to highlight cultural conflict I am going to look at 5 different scenes which are Act 1 scene 1, Act 1 scene 4, Act 2 scene 1 and Act 2 scene 3 & 4. All of these scenes look at different things. They look at cultural conflict, cultural traditions and the identity of characters. Act 1 scene 1 shows cultural conflict in different ways. The different contrast of cultures can be seen in the set dressing of "oil cloth, Islamic prayers stickers, coffee table with a picture of the Taj Mahal, a lazy Susan which is full of washing". The picture of Taj Mahal would show the audience that it belongs to an Asian family even though it is in India. ...read more.


When he says make us some chapatti's this is showing that he would only go back to his traditions when he is hungry or has no choice. Tariq says "tough I hate paki music..."this is showing that he would not listen to this even when is not in control. Tariq being a Pakistani is saying this but this would be expected of the society. In 1970 people where raciest and did not care about other peoples feelings and Tariq being a Pakistani is doing the same. George thinks that he would be respected if his family was in Pakistan. This can be seen when it says " I should have sent bloody kids to Pakistan, when young, other wife teach bloody respect" this is showing that George thinks his children would respect him more if they were in Pakistan. His character would be very angry loud and dramatic at this point. George would have been told to shout really loud, to make a lot of hand movements and to move around a lot as his is very upset is having a mixture of emotional and angry feelings. The audience would think he is a very stuck up man as he thinks about him self only but then the audience would also feel a bit sorry for him as he is not respected. ...read more.


In Islam, everyone equal see, no black man, no white man. Only Muslim, it special community." This is showing that George want his children to follow Islam and accept it. George is using a positive attitude towards Islam and this will show the audience that he is loyal toward his traditions and want his children to do the same. George is making clear that you do not have to be Pakistani to be a Muslim. In society being an Asian was being a Asian and you could not say that you are a Christian or anything else. People were racist and would not allow for occasion an Asian boy into the church ect. In conclusion khan-Din deals with the issue of culture and identity in a negative way and could have got the same message across by being a bit more positive. Khan din uses dramatic irony about the bacon to help get his message across. He also creates guilt in the characters which also helps the audience understand. Khan din give the message of the society being unfair and then shows that the surroundings of a family make it hard for them to follow their traditions. The message is about a mixed race family and about how an Asian man of the house would be treated by his family. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 12/12/2009 ...read more.

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