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Discuss How the Characters Of Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine contribute to the dramatic effects of 'A View From The Bridge'

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Discuss How the Characters Of Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine contribute to the dramatic effects of 'A View From The Bridge' Character Studies The various characteristics, including the flaws of the characters, act as a great catalyst to the tragedy at hand throughout the play as they portray and describe the characters' emotion and thoughts towards one another. Catherine Catherine is a very na�ve woman who has not really experienced much of the world, but is eager to. She has grown up in a warm nurturing environment and so has grown into a very innocent and open character. Catherine expresses her innocence by the way she will say what she the thinks without a moment of thought towards the consequences, '(wondrously) How come he's so dark and you're so light, Rodolfo?' By the tone Catherine uses she blatantly shows that she has some sort of attraction to Rodolpho. Judging from the text in where Beatrice says 'Was there ever any fella he liked for you? They' we can see that Catherine's previous relationships have been prevented from going very far most probably by Eddie. Catherine is therefore very inexperienced with relationships and shows this in her not very subtle approach to Rodolfo and how clearly known she makes her feelings for him. It is most probable that due to Catherine's naivety and immaturity that she does not realise Eddie's passionate feelings towards her. As Surprisingly Catherine genuinely is unaware as to Eddie's passionate feelings for her, and therefore does not realise that his feelings towards her have over-stepped the bounds of fatherly love. As previously she did not believe that their relationship was anymore than that of a father-daughter one, we can tell this by her horrified reaction to Beatrice saying ' You want somethin' else, Eddie, and you can never have her!'. We see that Catherine is very warm and compassionate, as even after Eddie has rejected Rodolpho and hurt her feelings deeply, she still finds it difficult to reject Eddie 'you think it's easy to turn around and say to a man he's nothin' to you no more?' ...read more.


to deceive others against Rodolpho making claims that he is a homosexual who is just exploiting Catherine to use her as his passport. We also see how strong Eddie's feelings for Catherine are and we are confirmed that they are incestuous when he gets drunk and kisses Catherine on the lips, as we know that he is drunk and has therefore lost all of his inhibitions and is expressing his true feelings. We again see Eddie's desperation and how strong his feelings are for Catherine we he goes against his Traditional Italian male views, and reports Marco and Rodolpho, this shows us how intensely deep his feelings for Catherine are as he is going to against all his morals and principles just for her, even after he has demonstrated how badly he would be treated after doing something like this in his story of Vinny Bolzano. When Eddie kisses Rodolpho it reveals much about his persona that we would potentially have not known, some people say that Eddie did this out of his confused sexual feelings, others say that Eddie is mocking Rodolpho or making fun of the fact that Rodolpho is supposedly homosexual, however I believe that the true meaning of the kiss was that it was the kiss of death, almost a mark of what Eddie was going to do. Throughout the play we such much jealousy in Eddie's character, particularly because of his relationship with Catherine, and out of this jealousy comes his desperation, as he will clearly stop at nothing in order to keep Catherine withdrawn along with him, as he makes weak excuses as to why Catherine and Rodolpho shouldn't go places together, such as 'I don't want her hanging around times square, see? It's full of tramps'. I will now talk about the main themes featured in 'A View From The Bridge', the characters which display them most and how this contributes to the dramatic scenes of the play. ...read more.


forced into a compromising situation in which he must take this so called justice into his own hands We again see how Eddie manipulates and uses when beneficial to him both justice and the law, as he reports Marco and Rodolpho to the immigration officers, when what he's doing would be considered unjust by people who adhere to the traditional Italian male values as Eddie does, however he is desperate to maintain Catherine and his grasp over her, and when he feels it is beneficial to him he uses Justice to try and take revenge on Marco and get back 'my name'. Betrayal and loyalty is also a theme in the play which we see in both of these contrasting aspects in many of the characters in the play, a good example of this is Eddie, although he expresses very strong feelings about betrayal and loyalty, and the consequences to those who betray their family or friends in his re-telling of the story of Vinny Bolzano. Many characters feature loyalty, in the play, such as Beatrice to Eddie when she didn't attend Catherine's wedding in order to remain loyal to Eddie, although here in a way she had to be disloyal to Catherine and almost betray her, she did this merely in the interest of keeping the peace. So we see that sometimes to maintain one loyalty you have to lose another. Eddie also shows signs of loyalty as at the start of the play he is loyal and hard-working towards his family, just the same as Marco. However we also see for Eddie that he betrays his own family merely for his jealousy, and reports them for illegally immigrating to the country, it is in this that Eddie deceives us, as due to the Traditional Italian values he has, we came to expect him to be a loyal character, however he sows us the worst betrayal, which leads to much more drama and ultimately his death. ?? ?? ?? ?? Thomas Bartlett 1 ...read more.

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