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Discuss how the writers of these short stories develop setting suspense and character - The Withered Arm, The Redroom, and Speckled Band.

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Discuss how th writers of these short stories develop setting suspense and character. The Withered Arm The author of this story is Thomas Hardy. The storyis set in the 19th century in a very close society. It is a rural setting in Wessex. The story follows a couple that have been divoreced but had a child along time before. The man of this couple gets married, the old girlfriend attacks the new wife, Gertrude Lodge, and she received a mark or scar on her arm from where she was attacked in her dream by the new wife. As the mark on her arm got worse tthey had to go see a conjourer Rhoda Brook is the old girlfriend of farmer Lodges son. She is a very quiet person who hasn't got alot of money. I know this because she has old clothes, pale skin and dark brown eyes. Rhoda keeps herself to herself and and doesn't really seem happy but i think that she likes to know about other peoples business, eg. the village rumors. ...read more.


You also do not get the names of any other characters and you are not propperly introduced to any of them, which makes it very eiry when you are very much inside the story with strangers as such, it also adds to the mystery of the house. Wells' story is the most recent of the three yet the choices that he made in it contents and setting deliberately bestow on it an almost timeless quality. H even makes clear how acient and old-fashioned everything in the castle is. Unlike Dickens and Conan Doyle inthe other two stories, Wells did not wish this story to be linked with the periodin which he wrote it, so that he could explor the ageless nature of fear itself. There are consequently very few references which place is in the 1890s and, rather than being a modern fable of its day, this tale is atavistic in its similarity to elier literature. (intrestingly, Well actually uses the word "atavistic" in the story.) Spanning the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, there was a particular type of story-writing known as Gothic. ...read more.


Twice he struck at the chamber door without any reply from within, then he turned the handle and entered." This jus shows how fearless he is and his huge amounts of bravery and courage. Also "Its a swamp adder, cried holmes the deadliest snake in india. He has died within ten seconds of being bit." this shows how much his knowledge is superior to his "sidekick" Watson. Watson is the "Robin" of the two he is the one who follows Sherlock closely behind him over his shoulder learning and marveling at Sherlock. Where there is a superhero there is a super villian, in this case the character is Dr Grimesby Roylott. He is described as "a large face, seared with a thousand wrinkled, burned yellow with the sun, and marked with every evil passion" also he described as "a fierce old bird of prey" which makes you beleive he is also superhuman. The reader is kept intrested because it is easy to read and is more simpler than the withered arm which makes it easier for the reader to understand. But there is a very good plot to the story mystery and suspense is developed at the end of the story by slowing the story down. ...read more.

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