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Discuss Michael's Character as seen in the 1st 8 chapters.

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Discuss Michael's Character as seen in the 1st 8 chapters Michael Meade is the leader of the community at Imber; Imber's community is unlike any other community. People are not allowed to mention their past lives; although that rule stands it seems that the past is all some members judge each other on. Such as Nick judging Michael on past behaviour. He is much focussed and his mind is set on becoming a priest "...changed his life and his plans completely. With an ease which at first surprised him, which later seemed part of an inevitable pattern" He had everything all mapped out in front of him. The use of repeating the word 'pattern' throughout chapter 6 emphasises this. He knows the path he wants to take and puts all his effort and energy into it. Although Michael has a much focussed approach he is not sure if he is going to be a leader, he would rather it be James. He feels that because of his lifestyle and sexuality he is not worthy to become a vicar. ...read more.


Michael dreams that he sees nuns by the lake dragging out a body. He thought that the nuns had murdered the person. He was so overwhelmed he thought for a moment he was really awake. He had had the dream twice before. The dream was accompanied by an overwhelming sense of evil. The booming he heard could have been the bell. The dream is very sinister and could be a premonition about Catherine's death. Having this dream at the beginning of the chapter sets an ominous tone for the rest of the chapter. Michael wondered what the dream could mean and what it was in the depths of his mind that could make him attribute something so terrible to those innocent nuns. He thought that it wasn't "the pressure of dark forces upon him, as of the reality within himself of some active and positive spring of evil". So nothing was influencing his thoughts these thoughts were coming from within him. He couldn't see this "he shook his head and knelt down at the window" To take his mind off the dream Michael immerses himself back into the role of being a leader. ...read more.


We realise that Nick accompanied Michael to his room on numerous occasions after classes, arguing points, asking questions and so on. Nick then appeared one night, uninvited. "Michael knew he was playing with fire". "Yet it still seemed to him that he would escape unscathed, the whole thing was still, in appearance, innocent. Nick often visited Michael; one such day "as he spoke he laid his hand upon Michael's knee". This had a great impact on Michael, even though he didn't react to Nicks advances he knew how he felt about him. Michael and Nick met up for a week everyday after that first touch and never did more than touch and caress each other. Michael's faith in Nick disappeared when a week later Nick told the headmaster about the affair between himself and Michael. When Nick told the headmaster he didn't leave a truthful picture of the nature of their relationship and what actually happened. Michael had to leave immediately, the next time Michael sees Nick is at Imber. Michael is a varied character that is obviously troubled by his sexuality and his past relationship with Nick. He is a liked member of the community at Imber, despite him being rather shy and nervous. The Bell ...read more.

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